20 Responses to September sum-up

  1. Sarah Liz says:

    The dress is just beautiful Beata,and a real credit to you. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on the jacket – I have that pattern too. Your tweeds are beautiful – where do you get them?

    • Thaks SarahLiz.
      My source of fabrics – during the fabric market – and now I know my favourit fabric seller is each week on the market in my city – I could have them even more… ooops 🙂

  2. KasiaB says:

    Sukienka piękna, ostatnio marzy mi sie bezrękawnik pod który taż będę mogla zakładać golfy albo bluzeczki. Ale masz cudne materiały!!!!pozdrawiam

  3. Your dress is just beautiful. I adore your choice of fabrics!

  4. becki says:

    Beautiful dress! what an interesting way to dress up a tweed.

    I agree that they are all beautiful, bit I think that the red will look fabulous on you!

  5. black label says:

    Congrats on the dress – look forward to seeing more.
    If it was my choice, I would make the Chanel-esque jacket either out of the red/orange or the white/cream.

  6. Lovely dress! And so many beautiful fabrics to choose from for your jacket. I’d have a hard time too!

  7. The dress really turned out well! Love it so much.

  8. Marianne says:

    Love the dress! I”ll keep your advice in mind when it comes to cutting the midriff section.
    On the tweeds: you can’t go wrong there since they’re all beautiful!

  9. Sarah says:

    Your dress is stunning! So simple yet classic 🙂 good luck choosing a fabric, they’re all too nice

  10. baum says:

    I love that dress – it looks very elegant. and what beautiful tweed fabrics!

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