Expected Unexpected Weekend in Poland

On Wednesday I went to my mother as she was schedule to have a surgery on Thursday. She was admitted to a hospital however she was send home few hours later. Well, it appeared she was taking medicines which made impossible to provide surgery – good communication and coordination between doctors.

Being almost at my mother place – when I heard this news – I decided to spend few days with her. It was closer to my mother then going back home.

I was only a little sorry I did not take with me the jacket I started to work on.


Next week on Wednesday I will go again to Poland.

By Red Point Tailor

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Slow progress on the Vogue Jacket V1023

The winter is coming – I have heard – it would be good to have this Vogue Jacket V1023 ready soon. Besides anytime I will have to go to Poland – to my mother – where there is 10 Celsius grades below zero.

The pattern pieces are cut from the underlining – cotton batiste…

Vogue Jacket V1023 - couture by Red Point Tailor Continue reading “Slow progress on the Vogue Jacket V1023”

French Jacket V8804 – accomplished

After few months of slaw sewing the French jacket is officially finished.

I was waiting for some free time and time during the day to take few pictures – and here it is – my finished French jacket. This ‘try-out’ version turns out well. I like the fit of the jacket, the construction, the process. Now I have to check how it will be in practice – wearing it. I have this jersey (which serves on the picture as a cover of a dress-form) to make a top to go with this jacket. I have as well a woven fabric for a dress. Well, I have to make few things to wear with this jacket – great opportunity to renew my wardrobe.

French Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point TailorFrench Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point TailorFrench Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point TailorFrench Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point Tailor

The buttonholes went great. I had no issues with them. The hand-stitching was very relaxing. Continue reading “French Jacket V8804 – accomplished”

Ditch the resolutions

I took a little break – not really break – I just slow down for few weeks. It was needed to take a distance and think about the next steps.
Meanwhile I was reading all 2013 blogs’ summaries and plans for 2014. Well… I am not going to make any (sewing) summaries and (sewing) resolutions.

Instead I am just going to write goals:
– I want to feel more alive and more energized;
– I want tons of energy to enjoy my family;
– I want to have enough energy to start work on amazing projects;
– I want to have more time to be more creative;
– I want to fully enjoy the creation process.

So this is a good start.

Now – how to achieve it?
– more time for my ‘hobby’?
– change my ‘hobby’ into a job (partially – full-time)?
– maybe change the job?
– spend more time with my family.

Enough to think about…

Let’s first finish one of the fist projects for 2014 – Vogue Jacket V1023 or Marfy Coat 3177.

The nature is very creative... The nature is very creative... The nature is very creative...
The nature is very creative... The nature is very creative...

Looking back at January 2013 I have discovered these winter pictures – fortunately no winter so far this year… Great! 

By Red Point Tailor

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Vogue Jacket V1023

I set aside the Marfy 3177 coat to thing about it and started to work on a jacket based on the Vogue vintage pattern V1023 (OOP).

Vogue Jakcket V1023 - couture Red Point Tailor

I have a dark blue boiled wool in my fabric stash which I have bought few years ago to make this jacket.

Dark Blue boiled wool

First however I have checked the PatternReview as I remembered there were some issues with this pattern.

Fortunately all reviews were positive the only repeating remark was too short sleeves and the jackets.

I always trace the patterns to a paper tissue so I can always have an original pattern in case I want to make other size. I have noticed that I was missing some marking so first I have checked the traced pattern pieces.  Hmmmm, I did not like what have found out. There were quite differences between the original and the traced pattern pieces.

Lesson learned – if you trance pattern – check it first with original before cutting a fabric.

After this correction was done I have checked the sleeves – yes – they were too short. I have length the sleeves about 8 cm. I hope it will not destroy the proportions of this model.

You can see on this picture from VoguePatterns that the sleeves are a little short.

I then started to think of making the jacket a little longer… but in the end I decided to leave it as it is now – back length 66 cm. It will be great to wear with skirts and comfortable when sitting in the car.

So now… let’s cut the underlining first.

By Red Point Tailor

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Coat Marfy 3177

I have finished the muslin for the coat based on Marfy 3177 pattern, which I have bought about moth ago and I pu it on … and I heard the stitches bursting at the back.

Hmmm…. it was definitely something wrong going on.

Coat Marfy 3177 muslin - couture by Red Point Tailor

I started to check the size and measurements – it should be ok, but still… it is something not good with this pattern. Continue reading “Coat Marfy 3177”

The French Jacket course review – part 2

After evaluating the Craftsy class The Iconic Tweed Jacket by Lorna Knight, it is now time for another course The Contemporary Couture Jacket by Angela Wolf on  Pattern Review.

“A well-made jacket can show off an outfit to its best. Join designer Angela Wolf as she shows you the fundamentals and fine points of creating a contemporary couture jacket (her version of the traditional Chanel jacket) in 2 hours and 45 minutes of HD video. Her method of sewing this jacket is just a little faster than the traditional one but doesn’t sacrifice its style! And this jacket features a quilted lining, but Angela shows you that you don’t need to spend 140 hours creating it.” (PR site)

The Contemporary Couture Jacket! Class Fee: On Sale! $29.00 (Regular: $69.00) (picture taken from PR site)

Generally the jacket construction method presented by Angela is similar to   Claire Shaeffer presented in her book Couture Sewing – The Couture Cardigan Jacket.

Angela is focusing on a technique of making such jacket using any jacket pattern. She is using fusible interfacing to stabilize the pattern pieces and prevent fraying – where and when possible. In some cases she is advising to lock the edges of the fashion fabric pieces.

Together with video-classes the downloadable class materials are available where not only the needed materials are mentioned but the step-by-step instruction as well. Continue reading “The French Jacket course review – part 2”

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By Red Point Tailor

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I can see the end of this project

My French jacket project is almost accomplished. The buttonholes are finished and the sleeves are inserted.

The last touch – pockets, buttons – which probably I will make myself – and a chain of course. It already looks and feels great.

French Jacket by Red Point Tailor coutureFrench Jacket by Red Point Tailor coutureFrench Jacket by Red Point Tailor couture

All work is done under close supervision and approval of Meisje.

Meisje supervising my work

By Red Point Tailor

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On Saturday, January 11, 2014, the association FeetBag organizes – for the first time in cooperation with the BvKMATERIALENBEURS 2014 (A Materials Fair) in Utrecht.

During this Fair BvK and FeedBag members and other interested parties can buy materials from the various wholesalers in leather, supplies and equipment.
At the fair you can not only get acquainted with different suppliers but you can networking as well.


It sounds very interesing and I am planning to go there – for the first time!

By Red Point Tailor

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