Me-Made-May 2014 Day 31

I cannot believe the May is already over. It is time for Me-Made-May’14 overview. I managed to keep to my pledge to wear a handmade item of clothing or jewellery everyday (and night).

Thanks Zoe for another fantastic Me-Made-May experience!

Me-Made-May 2014  - wearing Marfy top made by Red Point TailorMe-Made-May 2014 - blouse and skirt made by Red Point TailorMe-Made-May 2014 - dress made by Red Point TailorMe-Made-May 2014 - jacket, skirt, top made by Red Point TailorMe-Made-May 2014 - top and skirt made by Red Point TailorMe-Made-May 2014 - couture dress made by Red Point Tailor Continue reading “Me-Made-May 2014 Day 31”

Me-Made-May 2014 Day1

The Me-Made-May’14 has started – it is difficult not to notice with all these posts on FB, Instagram and blogs. Wonderful! I have idea that there are even more participants than in previous years.

My MMMay 14 started with visit at the dentist …

RPT at the dentist

Than I went to buy some nice cake for my Birthday … which was delicious.

RPT Birthday RPT Birthday

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The Summer Dress Sew-along

I love dresses and I have just came across this wonderful sew-along  –  The Summer Dress sew-along organised by Grace Dressmaking.

The Summer Dress sew-along

Just check her website for more details and join!

By Red Point Tailor

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French Jacket V8804 – accomplished

After few months of slaw sewing the French jacket is officially finished.

I was waiting for some free time and time during the day to take few pictures – and here it is – my finished French jacket. This ‘try-out’ version turns out well. I like the fit of the jacket, the construction, the process. Now I have to check how it will be in practice – wearing it. I have this jersey (which serves on the picture as a cover of a dress-form) to make a top to go with this jacket. I have as well a woven fabric for a dress. Well, I have to make few things to wear with this jacket – great opportunity to renew my wardrobe.

French Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point TailorFrench Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point TailorFrench Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point TailorFrench Jacket V8804 - couture jacket - couture by Red Point Tailor

The buttonholes went great. I had no issues with them. The hand-stitching was very relaxing. Continue reading “French Jacket V8804 – accomplished”

The French Jacket course review – part 2

After evaluating the Craftsy class The Iconic Tweed Jacket by Lorna Knight, it is now time for another course The Contemporary Couture Jacket by Angela Wolf on  Pattern Review.

“A well-made jacket can show off an outfit to its best. Join designer Angela Wolf as she shows you the fundamentals and fine points of creating a contemporary couture jacket (her version of the traditional Chanel jacket) in 2 hours and 45 minutes of HD video. Her method of sewing this jacket is just a little faster than the traditional one but doesn’t sacrifice its style! And this jacket features a quilted lining, but Angela shows you that you don’t need to spend 140 hours creating it.” (PR site)

The Contemporary Couture Jacket! Class Fee: On Sale! $29.00 (Regular: $69.00) (picture taken from PR site)

Generally the jacket construction method presented by Angela is similar to   Claire Shaeffer presented in her book Couture Sewing – The Couture Cardigan Jacket.

Angela is focusing on a technique of making such jacket using any jacket pattern. She is using fusible interfacing to stabilize the pattern pieces and prevent fraying – where and when possible. In some cases she is advising to lock the edges of the fashion fabric pieces.

Together with video-classes the downloadable class materials are available where not only the needed materials are mentioned but the step-by-step instruction as well. Continue reading “The French Jacket course review – part 2”

Between Christmas and a new year

The Christmas is over. It was fine to spend it with my family this year.

My sister prepared a lot of great dishes – it was the traditional Polish Christmas Eve. We had ‘Barszcz’ (Borscht – red beets soup) with ‘uszkami’ (a ravioli) filled with mushrooms collected by my niece, fish and ‘kluski z makiem’ (noodles with poppy seeds and raisins) – delicious, and more.

the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishesthe traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishesthe traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishesthe traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishes

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It will be even more hand stitching

I just started adding the dark red lining inserts to the inside of my French jacket – this means even more hand stitching this week. 


While stitching I am watching the Craftsy classes. I have just finished the Adjust the Bust: The Complete Guide by Kathleen Cheethan. I recommend to watch her other class the Custom Fitting: Back, Neck and Shoulders  – incredibly useful and informative class – read more about it here.

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Choosing lining for your French jacket

When preparing to make a French jacket it is important to think not only about a fashion fabric (tweeds, plaids or buckles) but lining as well. And this could be quite challenging. You have to think ahead about the whole project.

Very often I use Viscose as a lining to my garments. It is thin and light and it is easy to work with. It is as well not so expensive.

“Viscose is a solution of cellulose xanthate made by treating a cellulose compound with sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide. Byproducts include sodium thiocarbonate, sodium carbonate, and sodium sulfide.[1] The viscose solution is used to spin the fiber viscose rayon, or rayon, a soft man-made fiber commonly used in dresses, linings, shirts, shorts, coats, jackets, and other outer wear. It is also used in industrial yarns (tyre cord), upholstery and carpets.” (quoted from Wikipedia)

Lining for French jacket Viscosa Continue reading “Choosing lining for your French jacket”

I like my French jacket

I decided to change the side panels to the red lining. It looks much better now. I will put the stripes from the same lining along the hemline, centre front line and neckline. And the hem of the sleeves of course.

French jacket progress - joining quilted pattern pieces and hand sewing lining

All seams in lining are hand stitched now – the whole jacket start to look as jacket. I like it.

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The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag reported that its exhibition ‘The Chanel Legend’ has already clocked up 40,000 visitors – I was one of them.

On Friday there was a special evening organised by the Museum “The warm winter evening” (Warme Winteravond) with different activities connected with different exhibitions taking place at the museum at this moment.

The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag reported exhibition 'The Chanel Legend'

The Chanel Legend exhibition presents at a glans the short and fascinating story of Coco Chanel and her renowned fashion house. I have to admit – I did not learn anything new about Chanel however it was absolutely fabulous to see all range of Chanel designs.

The Chanel Legend exhibition The Gemeentemuseum Den Haag Continue reading “THE CHANEL LEGEND – THE CHANEL EFFECT”