Empower Your Corporate Look!

Empower Your Corporate Attire!
Modern Glass Jewellery
Accentuating Your Authenticity

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9 Responses to Empower Your Corporate Look!

  1. I recently visited the cloth market in Utrecht and bought fabrics from the wonderful Kruff stall, I don’t suppose you have any contact details for them as I might need to purchase some more but live in the UK, and rather stupidly didn’t ask for a business card from them. What beautiful fabrics they have, by far the best stall there, although I did buy some lovely fabrics from another company as well.

    • Sorry for late reply. Actually I will be soon on a fabric market so I can aks them for some contact details.
      They are the only reason I am visiting the fabric market. They have stunning fabrics.
      I always frist scan other stands. There are few stands with good fabrics.
      I am curious what did you buy and what are you planning to make of it. Please let me know :-)

    • I have been yesterday on the cloth market – Stoffenspectakel. I only visited the wonderful Kruff stall. I wasn’t disappointed.
      After visiting their stall I had both no more time for other stalls and budget ;-)
      Except StoffenSpectakel (which agenda you may find on https://www.stoffenspektakel.nl/) they are (almost) each Monday morning in Apeldoorn and in Utrecht each Saturday (till 13:00).
      The phone number is +31 610957501

  2. Lyric Joy says:

    The French jacket featured here is lovely as you know. Thank you for sharing this eye candy. My aspiration is to raise my sewing to such a level.

  3. Addsharesale says:

    Thank you for sharing unique women cloth online with matching jwellery and nice combination.It appears nice as office wear.

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