11 thoughts on “October full of plans

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  4. Sarah Liz

    Hi Beata- you are so lucky to have wonderful fabric fairs near you. If I ever visit your country I must ask you where to go :). This jacket is going to look beautiful – it already looks great in calico :). I love your lipstick- gorgeous colour – and the earings are beautiful too.

    1. You are very welcome! I am sure we would have great time 🙂
      Well… if things go wrong – I can always have the summer jacket from this calico 🙂
      Sarah Liz I am blashing 😉

  5. Oh I have that Vogue top pattern. I look forward to seeing how it works for you. I’m really loving your color choices too! That jacket muslin looks like you’ve nailed the fit once again!

    1. It will be the first time using this Vogue patterns – I hope it will fit well 🙂
      Thanks! The jacket muslin feels great – I will have to watch out for the fabric thouf when quilted. Maybe I will need to give a little ease in some places 🙂
      How’s your moving? sewing?

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