French Jacket – Working on Trim

The life is full of surprises and entertains us in many different – often unexpected – ways.

The heavy storm we had in the Netherlands last days – with very heavy wind and rain – has caused some issues at home. It is really so exciting finding out – when going to bed – that your bed is full of water (we had in the end the dreamed water-bed) and inside is raining almost the same as outside. So instead of making a buttonholes I was dealing with water, insurance and trying to find company to fix the roof. All still in progress. Fortunately it stopped raining.

There was small bright point in this all – the important element of my French Jacket has arrived – a chain. Nice, heavy – perfect to give a needed shape to the jacket.

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I just did not have energy to pick up on the buttonholes. As I still have to figure out what kind of trim I want to use it was perfect way of keeping me busy.
I started with bias fringe trim. I like the fringe trims – but not on my garments. I prefer simpler things. I was thinking of buying a trim but I could not find anything I like. Maybe I will visit one more shop.

The pattern of the fabric gave me an idea of waving a self-made silk trim through the fabric. I came out with two versions:

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It is very minimal but I like it. I like the single line better. I still have to find out how it will go on bias parts (sleeves).

Another option is using the selvage of the fabric with silk string. I have to try this one as well.

Let’s try to make a nice silk string. I could use pieces/threads from other fabric in different shades of blue… hmmm.

Meanwhile I picked up few more patterns to add to my RPT Couture Etsy shop. Anything for you? Just keep an eye on the shop – it will be listed soon.

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By Red Point Tailor

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Cirkel van kleding – first piece almost ready

With my new sewing machine I could in the end start to work on my piece for the Cirkel van Kleding project.

From 3 shorts I have decided to make a dress – summer dress.


For some time I was planning to make a muslin for the Butterick B5917 so why not to use this opportunity and create something incorporating this pattern.

Butterick pattern B5917 dress


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Fitting session

Eventually – after one week – I have unpacked all muslins I have made during my stay at my mother and had big fitting session on Sunday.

After taking pictures the analyzing took place. Generally speaking these two tops for the future dresses based on  Butterick pattern B5556 and Butterick pattern B5813 were ok. I will have to make usually adjustment for my sway back and add a little ease in the waist. I have to check again the shoulders length as well.


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The test garments follow up

My last test garments are ready. I have no more time to make more. I still have to help my mother with some spring cleaning and my work is calling as well.

1. I ma glad though I have managed to make the top of this Butterick pattern B5813. Generally speaking I will have make simple strait skirt to it but I prefer to have it cut in the waist. I have to try it and check it.

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Making test garments

I took with me for these two weeks at my mom’s a lot of patterns – much to much of course – to make muslins.

After the first week of doctors visits and other less interesting activities on Sunday I have made two muslins for the future dresses.

1. From the Silk Charmeuse I am planning to make the top of the dress as below draped on the dress form.

Dress Design RTP Couture muslin silk charmeuse

I have made the muslin only for the top part based on the Vogue V8787 pattern. Other options would be using the Vogue pattern V9771. Continue reading “Making test garments”

Well prepared for winter

I am glad I have made this jacket – already more than year ago. It was perfect for these few days winter we had the last week in the Netherlands.

The jacket is made based on the Butterick pattern B5424 (OOP). It supposed to be reversible however I did it my full lined and underlined version.
You may check the process of sewing on my blog here, here and here.

Jacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measureJacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measureJacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measureJacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measure

The inner pockets are really handy – I can keep inside the keys, mobile phone, etc..

Indien u graag het gevoel van exclusiviteit en een perfect passende:
   – jas, bijvoorbeeld een ‘French jacket’,
   – rok,
   – blouse / top,
   – jurk (gelegenheids-, avond- of  een bruidsjurk) of
   – andere kledingstukken of bijpassende accessoires
gemaakt naar uw eigen specificaties zou willen ervaren
                            – aarzel niet – neem gewoon contact met ons op.

Geïntrigeerd? Geïnspireerd? – check hier hoe verder te gaan.

PS. Thanks mellincf for correcting my English! It is now ‘Well prepared … ‘

By Red Point Tailor

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Coat Marfy 3177

I have finished the muslin for the coat based on Marfy 3177 pattern, which I have bought about moth ago and I pu it on … and I heard the stitches bursting at the back.

Hmmm…. it was definitely something wrong going on.

Coat Marfy 3177 muslin - couture by Red Point Tailor

I started to check the size and measurements – it should be ok, but still… it is something not good with this pattern. Continue reading “Coat Marfy 3177”

Wiktoria’s coat – looking for inspirations

It was not so productive day today… firstly I had too short night and too long day – so I am simple tired – I don’t want to make any mistake while cutting the fabric.
Secondly I have discovered a blog of my niece Wiktoria, where she share her ideas of a jacket/coat she would like to make. She is inspired by Japanese culture and fashion.

She has a boiled wool – in black colour as a main fabric and a dark red cotton for lining.

Having this in mind I have checked my pattern stash and I have sent her few patterns ideas she could use as a basis for her warm coat/jacket:

  • V1263 Misses’ Jacket – hmmm I still have a piece of dark blue boiled wool maybe I will make this jacket out of it… good fabric stash busting idea Glimlach

V1263 Misses' Jacket

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How one FB link can influence your plans …

I was planning to finish my red summer dress today. All set up – the main body and dress are ready – only lining of the bodice is missing.

I have already traced the pattern pieces of the bodice on the lining and was about to cut them when I looked at the FB. I know I should not… Geërgerd

And there it was a shared link by Izabella Boiled wool Ecru Panna – hmmmm …

Temting FB post to SuperTkaniny webshop

Intrigued by the fabric type and colour I clicked on the link and… my plans has changed.

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Starting working on a new project – dress Vogue 8648

When I am tired I know something could go wrong so I prefer to work on something easy. The muslin of Marfy dress is waiting to be disassembled so I could put all adjustments on the pattern pieces. I think I will trace patterns to keep originals untouched. Tomorrow ….

Having wonderful summer weather outside is not helping to sit inside … I see so many posts with stunning summer dresses… so it is time to prepare for new dresses.

I have checked my patterns stash and I have ascertained that I have few summer patterns already traced and ready to be turn to dresses Glimlach

Some of the upcoming projects (to bust some fabrics and patterns):


V8787 dress with drape frontV8766 simple dressV8727 - simple dressB5849 simple dress patternB5850 simple dress patternV1192 dress with drape front

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