Coat – the next sewing project on the list

Some time ago I have bought a black cashmere/wool fabric for a coat. I have a dream coat on my mind with:

  • high waist
  • pleat at the back
  • collar

souds not so complicated. Meanwhile – 3-4 muslins further – I am still trying to find the best fit.

Vogue pattern, V8626, Marfy pattern, 3177, Marfy, coat, coat pattern, couture

I have made muslin of a coats from Vogue V8626 and Marfy 3177. Eventhough they had features from the above list – I was not impressed. Continue reading “Coat – the next sewing project on the list”

Marfy Top 1913

I forgot to share the Marfy blouse/top 1913 I have made this year.

This top I have worn very often this summer. It was the perfect combination with the silk skirt. I like the colours and pattern on the fabric and the style of the blouse.
I will for sure make more tops based on this pattern. I won’t be the first one – check here different version of this top made by Leisa.

 DSC_0030 DSC_0031

I decided to order two Marfy patterns – I just could not resist. Continue reading “Marfy Top 1913”

Well prepared for winter

I am glad I have made this jacket – already more than year ago. It was perfect for these few days winter we had the last week in the Netherlands.

The jacket is made based on the Butterick pattern B5424 (OOP). It supposed to be reversible however I did it my full lined and underlined version.
You may check the process of sewing on my blog here, here and here.

Jacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measureJacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measureJacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measureJacket - Butterick 5424 - Red Point Tailor couture |bespoke couture | made to measure

The inner pockets are really handy – I can keep inside the keys, mobile phone, etc..

Indien u graag het gevoel van exclusiviteit en een perfect passende:
   – jas, bijvoorbeeld een ‘French jacket’,
   – rok,
   – blouse / top,
   – jurk (gelegenheids-, avond- of  een bruidsjurk) of
   – andere kledingstukken of bijpassende accessoires
gemaakt naar uw eigen specificaties zou willen ervaren
                            – aarzel niet – neem gewoon contact met ons op.

Geïntrigeerd? Geïnspireerd? – check hier hoe verder te gaan.

PS. Thanks mellincf for correcting my English! It is now ‘Well prepared … ‘

By Red Point Tailor

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Vogue Jacket V1023

I set aside the Marfy 3177 coat to thing about it and started to work on a jacket based on the Vogue vintage pattern V1023 (OOP).

Vogue Jakcket V1023 - couture Red Point Tailor

I have a dark blue boiled wool in my fabric stash which I have bought few years ago to make this jacket.

Dark Blue boiled wool

First however I have checked the PatternReview as I remembered there were some issues with this pattern.

Fortunately all reviews were positive the only repeating remark was too short sleeves and the jackets.

I always trace the patterns to a paper tissue so I can always have an original pattern in case I want to make other size. I have noticed that I was missing some marking so first I have checked the traced pattern pieces.  Hmmmm, I did not like what have found out. There were quite differences between the original and the traced pattern pieces.

Lesson learned – if you trance pattern – check it first with original before cutting a fabric.

After this correction was done I have checked the sleeves – yes – they were too short. I have length the sleeves about 8 cm. I hope it will not destroy the proportions of this model.

You can see on this picture from VoguePatterns that the sleeves are a little short.

I then started to think of making the jacket a little longer… but in the end I decided to leave it as it is now – back length 66 cm. It will be great to wear with skirts and comfortable when sitting in the car.

So now… let’s cut the underlining first.

By Red Point Tailor

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Coat Marfy 3177

I have finished the muslin for the coat based on Marfy 3177 pattern, which I have bought about moth ago and I pu it on … and I heard the stitches bursting at the back.

Hmmm…. it was definitely something wrong going on.

Coat Marfy 3177 muslin - couture by Red Point Tailor

I started to check the size and measurements – it should be ok, but still… it is something not good with this pattern. Continue reading “Coat Marfy 3177”

Last time about the winter jacket …

As I already wrote I finished my winter jacket – before my sewing machine went out-of-order.

I am glad with the final result. I was a little afraid that the size 8 will be too small but it came out perfect. I still can wear jacket under it. I did not place shoulders pads – the underlined lining is enough. It is warm and easy to wear.

Jacket - Butterick 5424Jacket - Butterick 5424Jacket - Butterick 5424Jacket - Butterick 5424

The inner pockets are handy – I can put there keys, mobile phone, etc..

I have to first finish the skirt and the jersey top and then I can go on with my following project – coat based on the Vogue pattern 8626 – model C.