How to Style French Jacket for Casual Friday at the Office

French jacket is must in your wardrobe. It is very versatile garment which you can easly pair with a pencil skirt or a simple dress. For casula Friday you can pair it with jeans easly.

Having the French jacket in your wardrobe will allow you create endless combinations. You will not only look alwasy put together but have more time for yourself in the morning.

Your office attire doesn’t have to be boring, complicated or always new.

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How to Style Little White Dress to the office – a Little Summer in Autumn

We still enjoy warm summer days in Autumn  which make perfect opportunity to wear a little white dress.
The little white dress paired with light gray jacket make great office outfit. The little white dress and a gray jacket are perfect essentians which will save you time when getting ready for your day at the office.

Your office attire doesn’t have to be boring, complicated or always new.

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Office Outfit Inspiration for Autumn

Autumn is definitely here. The days are getting shorter and less warm. Warm cardigan will for sure help you survive chilly mornings.

Your office attire doesn’t have to be boring, complicated or always new.


First Autumn Day – Office Attire Inspiration

Welcome Autumn! Let’s kick-off this first autumn day with office attire in sunny colours! The yellow/orange will brighten your day and ignite your creativity.


Styling Inspirations – Red on Monday – One Jacket Many Looks

Let’s kick-off this week! The red accents will add energy we need so desperately on Mondays. So – Red on Monday!


My Red Pendant on PolEtsy Treasury

Etsy, PolEtsy Treasure, Red Point Tailor on PolEtsy pendant, crafters, handmade

I was so nicely surprised when I got an e-mail that my Red Fused Glass Pendant is in the Treasury of PolEtsy team on Etsy. I am in a good company – a lot of gifted Polish crafters are joined together to present their creations.

Visit Red Point Tailor shop for more unique handmade glass jewelry!
Soon Summer 2013 collection available.

Red Point Tailor

New tops coming soon…

Today the Vogue patterns have arrived I have ordered a week ago.

Vogue Pattern top V8390 Vogue Pattern top V8649

Each pattern has different front and neckline finishing. I see a lot of possibilities for making tops from these two jersey fabrics.

Jersey lycra fabric top Jersey lycra fabric top

It appeared that below pattern is meant to be cut from woven fabric. No problem… enough to experiment. It can be ease made of jersey Glimlach.

Vogue Pattern top V9771

Sunny busy weekend–no HotPot

It was nice sunny weekend. Having nice daylight I took some extra photos of few of my items on Saturday and started to update my Etsy shop. Looking for something on internet I came across website I did not visit for a long time and forgotten about it existence. It is which offer ready to use templates for websites and web shops and more.

While browsing through the offered possibilities I have noticed very nice template. I am thinking of building my own web shop for some time already so I looked around for other possibilities, I see that the price wise – it is not so expensive. I decided to give it a chance.

I have picked up a template I liked and started making my own layout. I have to say – it is very easy application, it is simple, it is WYSIWYG, you can check it directly, you can play with text, pictures, colours – GREAT. I was trying before other applications and one of the reason why I usually was giving up was the ‘back office’ of the web shop. Difficult to set-up, difficult to find the way around.

At this moment the majority of my items is added. It is live-ish – the shop part is not working yet as it is not yet upgraded to the proper level. So now I have time to time to find out if I really like it… At this moment it is still with the link to the ‘mother’ website but please be free to check and let me know what do you think about this new RPT web shop.

new webshop website Red Point Tailor

Meanwhile I designed and ordered my business cards at Vistaprint – I was overwhelmed with the possibilities.  Additionally I will receive the address stickers – very handy.

I updated my blog – clean it up. When I look around and read different blogs I have noticed I am not the only one. Definitely the spring is approaching! Spring cleaning is in the air Knipogende emoticon.

I had as well time to finish my top Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark) – this very simple one, about which Kim-ing reminded me – she already have made a lot of them Knipogende emoticon.  And I am finishing the skirt. Maybe … maybe … I will in the end pick up this UFO dress and jacket as well. I have to admit I am glad I am back to sewing. I really miss it. It is not only the HotPot fault that I sew less. Maybe you remember …. in December my sewing machine was out off order and after it was fixed it sounds different and behaves different. I do not have confidence to sew a garment from a fabric which costs me 200 EUR. I have to test it on some cheaper fabrics – I have enough in my stash.

So now, the weekend is almost finished – back to reality!

Vogue Patterns new spring collection

I have just looked at the new collection of Vogue Patterns. This time I am not disappointed. There are a lot of fabulous patterns. Herewith the ones I like so far:


I like this one for its simplicity and the fabric – very spring, don’t you think Glimlach





These tree dresses are gorgeous!


Wonderful vintage patterns!

V8874 V8875




This pattern has very interesting neckline.






I like the top, sash and skirt from this pattern.




There are as well patterns for robe, slip, camisole and panties ….







And finally this fabulous hat!







I put all these patterns on my wish list… it will be difficult not to buy them. I will wait for special offer from ClubBMV.Com.


Just arrived – new in my sewing library

‘Fitting & pattern alteration’ book just arrived. It is really good book – I am glad I have bought it. There are a lot of information how to adjust patterns, how to fit a pattern to a given figure …

'Fitting & pattern alteration'