Vintage Vogue V1023 – checked!

I have finished the Vogue Jacket V1023 before I went to my mother and I was planning to wear it. However while putting in on Wednesday early morning I have noticed something was wrong. Well, I tuned the lining in one of the sleeves – a little. Oooops!

First thing I have done the next day being back home – I have fixed the sleeve and now I am ready for warmer weather.

Except making the sleeves 3 cm longer the rest of the pattern is unchanged.
I will take pictures wearing it but first short presentation on my dress form.

Vintage Vogue V1023 Red Point Tailor Couture
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Let’s cut the lining

I am proceeding further with the vintage Vogue Jacket V1023.
The time has come to cut the lining.

Vintage Vogue 1023 - couture by Red Point Tailor

I decided to use a dark blue lining I have in my stash. Continue reading “Let’s cut the lining”

Vogue 1023 time to work on sleeves

The bound buttonholes are ready, the singlewelt pockets are installed – it is time to set in the sleeves in my new vintage Vogue Jacket V1023.

This jacket has kimono sleeves with underarm inserts. To make sewing in the sleeve inserts easier it is advised to sew patches to the underarm seams.

Vintage jacket Vogue 1023 working on sleeves Red Point Tailor Couture

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Vogue Jacket V1023

I set aside the Marfy 3177 coat to thing about it and started to work on a jacket based on the Vogue vintage pattern V1023 (OOP).

Vogue Jakcket V1023 - couture Red Point Tailor

I have a dark blue boiled wool in my fabric stash which I have bought few years ago to make this jacket.

Dark Blue boiled wool

First however I have checked the PatternReview as I remembered there were some issues with this pattern.

Fortunately all reviews were positive the only repeating remark was too short sleeves and the jackets.

I always trace the patterns to a paper tissue so I can always have an original pattern in case I want to make other size. I have noticed that I was missing some marking so first I have checked the traced pattern pieces.  Hmmmm, I did not like what have found out. There were quite differences between the original and the traced pattern pieces.

Lesson learned – if you trance pattern – check it first with original before cutting a fabric.

After this correction was done I have checked the sleeves – yes – they were too short. I have length the sleeves about 8 cm. I hope it will not destroy the proportions of this model.

You can see on this picture from VoguePatterns that the sleeves are a little short.

I then started to think of making the jacket a little longer… but in the end I decided to leave it as it is now – back length 66 cm. It will be great to wear with skirts and comfortable when sitting in the car.

So now… let’s cut the underlining first.

By Red Point Tailor

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Vintage wrap top Advance 8190 first fitting session

I was very curious how it will fit – and reading all comments under the previous post – not only me Glimlach

As I wrote previously I needed to make the sleeves narrower. I pinned 4 cm at the wrist and then I make 3 cm round the sleeves.

Vintage wrap top Advance 8190 first fit Red Point Tailor following Studio Faro instructions

The wrap top looks much better but I still have too much fabric around the neck and shoulders – and it is a little too long. When you look at the picture on the envelope you can see that there is much less fabric – it is more fitted. I am curious how this top looked in real fabric then.

Vintage wrap top Advance 8190 first fit by Red Point TailorVintage wrap top Advance 8190 first fit by Red Point Tailor


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Pink wearable muslin – Advance 8190

Charmed by this vintage pattern of wrap top (Advance 8190) I could not wait to finish it.

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190

It was really easy – 3 easy steps … PIN … CUT … SEW Glimlach.
First I have joined canter back – following advice of Studio Faro.

Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190

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Advance 8190 first steps

After Studio Faro has solved the puzzle of this vintage pattern Advance 8190 I decided to give it a try.

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190

I have dug out this light pink jersey and after making sure there is enough fabric to make a wearable test model I fist started to make a pattern.

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190


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Studio Faro had solved the puzzle!

Browsing through the FB posts today I saw first this small puzzle from Studio Faro Well-suited


followed by this hint …

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Vogue Patterns new spring collection

I have just looked at the new collection of Vogue Patterns. This time I am not disappointed. There are a lot of fabulous patterns. Herewith the ones I like so far:


I like this one for its simplicity and the fabric – very spring, don’t you think Glimlach





These tree dresses are gorgeous!


Wonderful vintage patterns!

V8874 V8875




This pattern has very interesting neckline.






I like the top, sash and skirt from this pattern.




There are as well patterns for robe, slip, camisole and panties ….







And finally this fabulous hat!







I put all these patterns on my wish list… it will be difficult not to buy them. I will wait for special offer from ClubBMV.Com.