Susan Khalje Couture Videos

WOW! Have you seen this? Susan is working on Couture Videos! How wonderful!

Susan Khalje Couture Videos coming soon

Red Point Tailor

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Online Sewing Class

Bridal Couture by Susan Khalje

It is just arrived today. I have already forgotten I have ordered the book on CD – Bridal Couture by Susan Khalje.

It is amazing! Full of splendid fine sewing techniques! Good lecture and great addition to my sewing library.

the book on CD – Bridal Couture by Susan Khalje.

By Red Point Tailor

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Couture dress – working on bodice

I have managed to pin all organza pattern pieces of my couture dress bodice (based on Vogue dress 8648) to the fashion fabric.

Working on my couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648

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Somewhere between a sewing machine and a Hotpot

Today I was running between the sewing machine/fitting and a Hotpot to make new items.

The muslin for the Vogue dress 8648 – follow up on the  Online Couture Dress Class by Susan Khalje is ready. I decided to longer the front neckline about 3,5 cm.

The muslin for the Vogue dress 8648 – following the Online Couture Dress Class by Susan Khalje)

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Starting working on a new project – dress Vogue 8648

When I am tired I know something could go wrong so I prefer to work on something easy. The muslin of Marfy dress is waiting to be disassembled so I could put all adjustments on the pattern pieces. I think I will trace patterns to keep originals untouched. Tomorrow ….

Having wonderful summer weather outside is not helping to sit inside … I see so many posts with stunning summer dresses… so it is time to prepare for new dresses.

I have checked my patterns stash and I have ascertained that I have few summer patterns already traced and ready to be turn to dresses Glimlach

Some of the upcoming projects (to bust some fabrics and patterns):


V8787 dress with drape frontV8766 simple dressV8727 - simple dressB5849 simple dress patternB5850 simple dress patternV1192 dress with drape front

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Man’s jacket Burda 8135

It will be a long project… at this moment I have finished a muslin and forced my DH to have the first very quick fit. Since few years I am planning to make him a jacket, well he requested one. I have bought this Burda 8135 man’s jacket pattern long ago – for extra tall figure. I already know I will have to make few adjustments, e.g. shorten the sleeves, ‘full tummy’ adjustment.

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 pattern, muslin

A year ago I have bought the eco canvas from bamboo and linen in red. For lining I will use cotton batiste or this nice red cotton fabric in shells Glimlach

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 fabric, fabric stash

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