New wardrobe essentials in my wardrobe

Looking outside I see winter weather – temperature below zero, snow falling down, ice on the water, cold wind … so it was time to make few summer tops. After this long winter

I have bought these summer fabrics – jersey, on the fabric market few weeks ago and it was high time to make something out of them.

The results below:

1. Two more Day2Night top (Maria Denmark pattern)

Day2Night topDay2Night top

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Stofffen Spektakel Zwolle – Fabric Market in Zwolle (NL)

What a day! What fabrics! Lot of fabrics! Lot of fabulous fabrics! I have made my list but I was lost the moment I entered the huge hall. These beautiful prints and colours. I was dizzy!

I have promised myself to by few fabrics for summer tops and here they are:

 fabric summer  tops stoffen spektakel zwolle cotton silk viscose

For sure there will be at least two D2N tops – I love this patterns. I have 2-3 woven fabrics for different but as well simple tops. Most fabrics are cotton, cotton with silk or viscose.

And for summer jacket I have bought this loose woven fabric – mix of cotton, silk and viscose.

fabric summer jacket stoffen spektakel zwolle cotton silk viscose

I think I will have enough tops for summer. I have bought as well mix of cotton with silk in black for the next LBD – never enough Knipogende emoticon.

I have for sure enough to do now – even more – but working with these colours will make all efforts worth it.

vpll1912 project – following follow up

In between I am busy with my Etsy shop – Red Point Tailor. I am working on new items to place there so I have to really keep good balance between my work, my family and my hobby. I had busy time at my work last week thus I a little neglected this beautiful project – I am glad there is no time pressure anymore.

Well, few day ago I taped the Ladies Corset Cover however the lines did not match

Ladies Corset Cover patterns vpll 1912 projectLadies Corset Cover patterns vpll 1912 project

Well, my mistake – I cut off the margins – which was not necessary – I found out recently.

So this first pattern finished in a trash …

Ladies Corset Cover patterns incorrectly cut and in trash

I printed it again and taped it, this time – correctly – all lines were perfectly meeting each other … what a relief ;-D

Ladies Corset Cover patterns vpll 1912 projectLadies Corset Cover patterns vpll 1912 project

After cutting both patterns – Ladies Corset Cover and Ladies Blouse – I am now ready to cut off the pattern from a fabric.

For Ladies Corset Cover I am using the same fabric I used to make my Summer Top from 1950 – light blue cotton blend.

Ladies Corset Cover patterns vpll 1912 project

As the weather improved it will be difficult to sit inside… with so little sunny and warm summer days in the Netherlands I think I will enjoy the Summer Weather and charge my batteries for long winter nights.

vpll 1912 project – follow up

I see I am far behind all participants in this project. I still cannot decide which garment should I make.

I have just checked the website for the patterns and I have found out few more interesting.

Now my choice is even more difficult.

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Hidden treasures

When looking for a fabric for my 1950 Summer Tom I came across a small plastic bag with the fabrics I forgot I bought them. It was somewhere in April this year on the Fabric Market.

All are viscose I think or bland with silk – they are all very soft.

Fabric Summer Flowers Fabric Art Nnouveau VintageFabric Black Dots on BlueFabric Yellow Summer Flowers

I cannot wait to have some blouses or tops or maybe a dress made of these fabrics?

How can I find more time to sew!!!!

Even though the days are long – they are still too short for me.

Summer Top from 1950 … Almost one day project

Sometimes it is fine to make pick up a project you know it is possible to finish in one day. You feel better, you see direct the results, you can wear it next day …

Few months ago I have bought a vintage patter – Summer Top from 1950.

Summer Top from 1950Summer Top from 1950

I decided to make View 3 – simple top with side closing with a bow.

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