UFO’s–follow up…

So, the blue blouse is ready, pattern back in an envelope together with a piece of fabric so I could know in future what I have done.

blue blouse pattern

Now the time is come to finish my blue jacket. I like this pattern – it is Vogue 8186, as it suites my figure the best. And the dark blue will suite to a lot of garments. This is one of my wardrobe essentials.

V8161jacket dark blue

I have attached the sleeves and I am almost ready with shoulder pads.


I fished a collar and I am ready to fasten the pocket pads – marking is already there.

jacket collar  jacket front

I am almost ready with the lining. The sleeves are ready and back site. As I want to make pockets inside on both fronts of the lining, I will have to wait before I assembly all parts.

jacket lining

Unfortunately I have to leave for the weekend for my work so I will not be able to finish it during the weekend – pity.

Burda retro pattern

I know I have promised to keep away from patterns, however … the moment I came across this retro patterns from Burda I was not able to say ‘no’.

This simple dress was on my mind for a very long time. I was looking for the patter for years – or similar one so I could modify it. I started to construct a pattern so I could make this dress.

And suddenly here it is… I did not hesitate for a long. Now I have to find nice fabric and time/energy to make it.Burda style dress

Burda Classic’s

Burda Classic's coverWell… I have seen the announcement of a new Burda Classic’s and I was intrigued by its cover.

So I have immediately have bought it – and I am not disappointed.

I like very much included patterns …

I have already had jackets as on the cover, as well as a pattern for Chanel- like jacket, but still there is this white wrap blouse which I am going to make.

Burda Classic's jacket and dressBurda Classic's jacketBurda Classic's jacket and dressBurda Classic's white blouse Burda Classic's jacket and rock

My new items …

Well … finally I have had some time to finish few items. I have so many ideas … too many Knipogende emoticon.

Stained Glass Jewellery PendantStained Glass Jewellery PendantStained Glass Jewellery Pendant

Next step – download on Etsy.

Red Point Tailor

Working on new stained glass jewellery

Well… we needed to relax as well and do other things. While my husband is busy with the stained glass panels I am working on new stained glass jewellery – pendants, earrings and necklaces.

To make work easier we upgraded our atelier with new equipment, such as cutting mate, circle cutter and copper foil roller.

cutting matecircle cuttercopper foil roller

And the most important – different kind and colours of stained glass …


I have already started cutting the stained glass in different forms and puzzle with these pieces…

playing with stained glass pieces - new jewellery soonplaying with stained glass pieces - new jewellery soon

Soon you will be able to see the results in my web shop.

Red Point Tailor

It’s getting difficult – Franken Patterns pledge

I have just seen on Twitter that there is a very tempting sale on Pattern Review.

A lot of simple, astonishing Simplicity patterns are for sale – very chip!

Difficult, very difficult!

I have to look through my pattern stash and see what interesting I have – maybe this will help?

Simplicity dress - wardrobe essencial! It is very easy!Somplicity Jacket in different style - Wardrobe essential!Simplicity Dress patterns for eventing and day - 2580Easy Summer dress - 2616 - only Summer is missing

My Simplicity wardrobe essentials … some of them.

Ok – I am feeling a little better now.

Franken Patterns pledge and UFO/Stash Busting project

I am still stuck with some sewing project and definitely I needed some help/motivation to concentrate on them. With open arms I have welcomed two projects – Franken Patterns pledge and UFO/Stash Busting project – which I have joined recently – immediately.

I have to look through all patterns I have – which one I am going to use, which not. What is still waiting to be finished – which fabrics I have. I have to make some overview – any ideas about it?

Red Point Tailor

I am almost there … I have already finished few items for my shop – Red Point Tailor, on Etsy.

The story behind the name is long. Friend of my husband had a friend, who had a white cat with the tail ended in red. So his name was Red Point Tailer. Our one of the first cats was grey with the tail ended in white. Our last cat was red and white… my grandfather was a tailor so somehow we came up with … the Red Point Tailor. Just a little fun!

Red Point Tailor

When we moved to Apeldoorn – about 10 years ago – in the east of the Netherland, we have bought a house originated from 1930. In this period it was very common to have the stained glass windows. Unfortunately a previous owner replace them with plain glass.

We have found the stained glass panels at the attic and so the hobby of my husband was born. He decided to renovate all panels and step-by-step replace the plain widows with the old-new stained glass. Of course we will put them in isolated glass.

Working with stained glass – starting to work with the stained glass – meat a lot of broken glass.

As far as I remember Art Deco fascinated me. The combination of the old with the ultra modern in the Golden Age, the glamour, simplicity of garments … Few years ago I started to think of making a jewellery and this broken glass pieces were missing piece in all puzzle.

I have already have few pieces – pendants, for my shop. I hope I will soon finish a vintage inspired dress where I will incorporate own, handmade accessory.

Herewith one of the finished pendants…

I started with cutting the glass pieces following my design – I used the vintage colour pallet. To join the glass piece I am using Tiffany technique, this means that each glass piece is wrapped with self-adhesive copper strip and then soldered with lead free solder, which contains silver and tin.

Working on Art Deco inspired Pendant Working on Art Deco inspired Pendant - see green, orange and gold stained glass wrapped in copper foil

And here is a finished product…

Art Deco inspired Pendant - see green, orange and gold stained glass silverplated chain Art Deco inspired Pendant - see green, orange and gold stained glass silverplated chain Art Deco inspired Pendant - see green, orange and gold stained glass silverplated chain

It is really fun creating this and I am getting even more inspirations …

So the next step finish my blue jacket and my see green dress… o yes… of course, meanwhile vpll 1920 project

Vogue goodies

I have completely forgotten to share with you that in the end my ordered patterns from Vogue (McCall’s en Butterick as well) have arrived!

I love it! I will be able to update my wardrobe with some missing essentials, e.g. trench coat. Pity that few of ordered patterns were already out of stock …

Vogue patterns wardrobe essentials goodies

Now I will need to look for the fabrics. I love it!

vpll 1912 project – patterns

Yes, I have just got two patterns I am going to make for the vpll 1912 project.

There will be a lot of cutting and taping… so busy afternoon.

With this rainy weather I will enjoy this project!

vpll 1912 project - patterns

Ladies Corset Cover – # 0176. Originally made in white batiste, with insertion lace and narrow lace trim.

Ladies Blouse – #1000. This beautiful ladies blouse features a pleated front with cutwork scallops and padded granitos at collar, cuffs and basque.