How to – Make Designer Trims

I am sure that many of you – including myself – already have made a French Jacket or is going to make.

The new book by Claire Shaeffer – Couture Sewing: Making Designer Trims – presents sewing methods she has developed based on her own meticulous research into couture sewing methods and techniques.

So now after weeks spending on creating a couture, French Jacket: selecting fabric, measuring, cutting, basting, sewing, etc.,  thanks to Claire Shaeffer step-by-step instructions – you will be able to finish it with a masterfully matched, expertly attached designer trim.

Claire Shaeffer, Couture Sewing, Making Designer Trims, couture, trims, book, sewing instructions, couture techniques

This unique, multimedia approach, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions, photos, and how-to video, form an essential resource for sewists looking to elevate their garments to the next level by adding appropriate trims. This must-have resource gives an overview of the different types of trims that are used in a couture workroom and explains different methods for attaching the trims to a garment. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to create trims from scratch.

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By Red Point Tailor

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Looking good … every day

My newest book in my sewing library is Looking Good…Every Day by Nancy Nix-Rice (Palmer/Pletsch Publication). I have just got it and starting to browse through all topics.

Looking Good...Every Day by Nancy Nix-Rice (Palmer/Pletsch Publication)

“When you understand what works for you, it’s easy to start looking good … every day!”

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Catching up on reading

Before visiting hours at the hospital I was ‘shopping’ in Wejherowo. (PL). I have come across a fabric shop with wonderful fabrics. I could not resist and I have bought 2 pieces of silk for blouses.

However as sewing is not so possible I am catching up on reading.

Having in mind starting again sewing business I have bought this book How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business  by Angela Wolf.

‘ This book will be a priceless resource for those considering adventuring into the fashion industry, yet not knowing how or where to start. Comprised of detailed information, How to Start a Home-based Fashion Design Business will be a guide for the aspiring designer to plan and execute a successful home based business. This material will not only provide a fashion realm, but will show how to create additional revenue streams in the sewing field. This book will be the “one stop shop” for the small designer.’

This book is a great first step in entering a fashion design industry. Has helpful information on designing clothing, contacting clients, examples of contracts, etc. This book is showing the reality, no colourful stories – just how it is.

Very important aspect of balance between family and work is discussed as well – which very often is forgotten.

Starting sewing business–read this book


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Burda Style Zelfmaakmode Stap voor Stap

Few weeks ago while waiting in a line in a shop I was looking at the sewing/crafting magazines and I then I have spotted something completely new – Burda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap voor Stap (which you may freely translate as Sew It Yourself Step by Step).

In 4 separate issues different basic sewing techniques will be (are) described and explained – step by step, including clear pictures and drawings. It is a great help for those who would like to start sewing (crafting) or already sewing but have some issues and/or questions. Excellent sewing knowledge resource.
I would say that it should be in every beginners sewing library. It is affordable and contains all necessary information to finish a garment.
Above all It is presented in a very attractive way, catching and wanting to read.

Burda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap  voor Stap

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Topic of 2013-pants fitting issues

Probably you all noticed that there are a lot of us trying to achieve proper fitting trousers this year. Maybe because I am busy with the pants I see this topic popping up on blogs more often than usually.

Wonderful Sarah Liz – who is sewing trousers as well  and wrote a lot of great posts regarding trousers fitting issues (check this one with fantastic advises) – has shared on her blog inforamtion about a book – The Classic Guide to Altering Patterns – The Perfect Fit.

First I thought – well… another book; shall I buy it; is there really something new…

Topic of 2013–pants fitting issues, there is still hope for my trousers, must have in sewing libraryTopic of 2013–pants fitting issues, there is still hope for my trousers, must have in sewing library

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