Handwerkbeurs–Craft Fair

I was planning to sew the whole day but I forgot that I was going to go to a crafts fair in Zwolle (NL) – Handwerkbeurs.

Before I left I put on my new  top Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark) to take few photos. I think I still can make it a little shorter. I have to think about it.

Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)sewing coutur serge Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)

Here some details … a ‘heartbeat’ hem finishing… and a neck line.

Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark)

Once again thanks Kim-ing for persuading me to make this top. I already see it will be wear very often – both of them – the dark blue one including … and probably I will make even more tops. You need only 70 – 80 cm fabric for it. I will look for niece fabrics during upcoming Fabric Fair – StoffenSpektakel. I am sure these fabrics will not stay long in my stash.

And then I was off to Zwolle (NL) for Handwerkbeurs. It was a lot to see there… next time I will try to go a little earlier – I know now what to expect there.

It was very inspiring. I was mostly interested in nuno felting technique. I have enough addresses for supplies – silk fabric, silk and different kind of wall. I would like to give it  try – start with small project – a scarf. It was nice to talk to people behind the projects, e.g. Ingeborg Honer-Marsch from Bodyflower, creative women from Kunstwolf and Indura. I came across beautiful scarfs, jackets and other items made of Kashmir with beautiful hand embroidering at Kashmir Heritage.
I have enough to look on the internet.

And now really I will try to finish this skirt…

Addictive Day-To-Night Drape Top pattern

I have finished my first top Day-To-Night Drape Top (pattern by MariaDenmark). It is exactly as Kim-ing said – simply, easy to make pattern, ready within few hours. And it looks good and suits great. I will take some photos to show you but first I will make another one Knipogende emoticon. Yes, yes, … addictive pattern.

Both tops are/will be made from stretch lycra jersey with great drape – wonderful for this type of design.

The one I have already finished is made of fabric with this colourful – art deco like – pattern…

Jersey lycra fabric top

The next one – already cut off the fabric – will be dark blue (in reality it is really nice dart blue colour).

Jersey lycra fabric top

I still have two jersey fabrics which are a little thicker. I am thinking of making a top with the same neckline however I would like to have long sleeves.

Jersey lycra fabric top Jersey lycra fabric top

So… I have checked patterns I have … hmmm…. I started to draw the patterns, modify patterns – I have no patience anymore. In the end I have checked Vogue patterns website. They have sale and I was wondering if there is something interesting.

And of course I have found – even more then I needed…

V8390 Vogue pattern Jersey lycra fabric top V9771 Vogue pattern Jersey lycra fabric top

V8649 Vogue pattern Jersey lycra fabric top

I have picked up three patterns with different front and collar finishing. They all can be made with short sleeves or sleeveless.

I think I will be able to pick up something for these two fabrics.

I will probably make two different tops – and check patterns at the same time.




Now back to my skirt where I still have to attach lining and make hem.

Vogue Patterns new spring collection

I have just looked at the new collection of Vogue Patterns. This time I am not disappointed. There are a lot of fabulous patterns. Herewith the ones I like so far:


I like this one for its simplicity and the fabric – very spring, don’t you think Glimlach





These tree dresses are gorgeous!


Wonderful vintage patterns!

V8874 V8875




This pattern has very interesting neckline.






I like the top, sash and skirt from this pattern.




There are as well patterns for robe, slip, camisole and panties ….







And finally this fabulous hat!







I put all these patterns on my wish list… it will be difficult not to buy them. I will wait for special offer from ClubBMV.Com.


Sewing again…

Last few weeks I had absolutely had no desire to sew. I had good daily routine but then my sewing machine refuse to work, x-mas and new year break – it is so difficult to pick it up.
And of course I am busy with my new hobby – glass fusing in the HotPot.
There are few UFO’s waiting and looking at me with their big eyes… still nothing.
I have made nice buckles for my dress and jacket – still nothing.
I follow the blogs with all nice finished projects – still nothing.

DayToNightDrapeTop_1I think I will start with something simple – thanks to Kim-ing, who again have made nice top using the Day-To-Night Drape Top Pattern by MariaDenmark.

I have seen it before and then it already attracted my attention – but somehow I forgot about it.
This time I have immediately bought the pattern. I have already printed it – that’s all fun about it. You don’t have to wait for the post – it is PDF and you can print it immediately.

Thanks KIM! I am already filling tinkles in my hands to grab the scissors and cut a fabric.

Just a skirt – fabric stash busting

DSC_0181I have bought once this piece of fabric. It is a wool bland in white, black, grey colour. It will be fine for this colder days. It is just enough for a skirt.

I am going to make this skirt with raised waist – based on Butterick pattern B5396.

This is the same pattern I was using for making a Little Dark Blue Dress (which BTW is still waiting to be finished).

skirtThe front and back is already cut off from the fabric and I have already put the zipper in the back.

I am now busy with lining and interfacing.

This will be my weekend project. I would like to finish it so I could start working on my coat.

My goodies arrived!

What a nice surprise was waiting for me when I have came back from my work … the patterns I ordered by the Vogue/Butterick Pattern company has arrived. My pattern stash is getting bigger… ooops. But this 75% discount by Vogue and Butterick was so tempting Knipogende emoticon

There are few retro patterns, few patterns from the newest Butterick collection and some old ones I had on my wish list.

Yes… I will be busy… Emoticon met brede lach


Next project – Butterick 5424

I have finished with the LBD for the PR sewing contests. Sometimes it is good to have this deadline … this time however I had a very busy November month and I was very tired at the end.

B5424As the winter is coming… slowly but definitely, I am staring on a new project – Jacket based on Butterick 5424 Misses’ Reversible Jacket.


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LBD–PR Sewing Contest …

LBD_Burda7174_detail_frontI have finished the LBD based on Burda pattern 7174 for LBD Pattern Review Sewing Contest.

I have taken some photos – well it was late and dark so I am not so pleased with them but there is no more time. The contest is finishing today so I have to hurry up. The only thing left is to update PR website.

Pattern Description:
B7174 Burda Style Dress – Dress with cup-shaped collar, overlapping front pieces and high-attached skirt with a kick pleat.

Pattern Sizing:
36 – 44 (10-18); I have made size 10.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?
The top yes; as I have changed the hem of the skirt it is not fully the same dress.

Were the instructions easy to follow?
Instruction is easy to follow. As I have lined the dress I had to follow my own way of sewing.

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Lunch bag pattern

Yesterday evening I cam home and here it was … this Jack & Jill Lunch Bag pattern, which I won – absolutely unexpected – in Naaipatronen.nl contest.

It is amazing pattern by Heather Bailey – I love it!



My pattern stash on Pattern Review

Vastleggen in volledig scherm 28-10-2012 232122.bmpSome time ago I signed in to Pattern Review and recently I have discovered that I can store information on all my patterns I have ever bought there. I was trying to make some lists in Excel but the number of patterns was growing too fast.

Next to the information about the pattern I can see reviews – which are very useful when you want to make this garment.

Wow … I did not know I had more than 200 patterns … oooops Knipogende emoticon

I put about 90% of my patterns there – I am still finding patterns hidden somewhere in the drawers …

My pattern stashMy pattern stashMy pattern stashMy pattern stash