Fitting session

Eventually – after one week – I have unpacked all muslins I have made during my stay at my mother and had big fitting session on Sunday.

After taking pictures the analyzing took place. Generally speaking these two tops for the future dresses based on  Butterick pattern B5556 and Butterick pattern B5813 were ok. I will have to make usually adjustment for my sway back and add a little ease in the waist. I have to check again the shoulders length as well.


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The test garments follow up

My last test garments are ready. I have no more time to make more. I still have to help my mother with some spring cleaning and my work is calling as well.

1. I ma glad though I have managed to make the top of this Butterick pattern B5813. Generally speaking I will have make simple strait skirt to it but I prefer to have it cut in the waist. I have to try it and check it.

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Planning is vital but…

I am reading about content management and other marketing issues. In different articles/posts it is strongly advised to plan, manage and optimize – which is great and I fully agree with it. But then you get one phone call informing you that your mom is on an IC in a hospital and the whole planning can land in a trash-bin. 

Fortunately all ended good – but still these news paralyzed me and distance is not making things easier. I was not able to focused on anything during the day. Only hearing her later in the evening  brings a relief. She sounds better and could tell me what’s happened.
I could then concentrate and follow-up on hand stitching…  I have made a tiny progress on my French jacket.

Depending how my mother will feel – I am planning to go to Poland for few days next week. I will try to finish the trousers for her in the week-end so I could take them with me.

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Last post from Poland so far

I am traveling back home from Poland. The last day I have managed to make another muslin for a … hat.

Yes, my mother likes to wear hats and lately she let make one but she doesn’t like the shape of it.


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Pink wearable muslin – Advance 8190

Charmed by this vintage pattern of wrap top (Advance 8190) I could not wait to finish it.

vintage pattern Advance 8190 vintage pattern Advance 8190

It was really easy – 3 easy steps … PIN … CUT … SEW Glimlach.
First I have joined canter back – following advice of Studio Faro.

Pink wearable muslin - Advance 8190

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Starting working on a new project – dress Vogue 8648

When I am tired I know something could go wrong so I prefer to work on something easy. The muslin of Marfy dress is waiting to be disassembled so I could put all adjustments on the pattern pieces. I think I will trace patterns to keep originals untouched. Tomorrow ….

Having wonderful summer weather outside is not helping to sit inside … I see so many posts with stunning summer dresses… so it is time to prepare for new dresses.

I have checked my patterns stash and I have ascertained that I have few summer patterns already traced and ready to be turn to dresses Glimlach

Some of the upcoming projects (to bust some fabrics and patterns):


V8787 dress with drape frontV8766 simple dressV8727 - simple dressB5849 simple dress patternB5850 simple dress patternV1192 dress with drape front

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Marfy dress 3096 fitting session 2

After making the adjustments from the first session I had to make few more alterations.

MarfyDress3096_Fitting session 2 - alterations

Now I am ready to transfer all alteration on the pattern and cut the Marfy dress from the fashion fabric.

Shortening the upper body lifted the hem and now the length is much better.

Probably till the end I will doubt which colour combination I will choose.

Tomorrow will be busy eventing Glimlach

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Marfy Dress–fitting results

I inserted a zipper to the back of the muslin of the Marfy dress and put it on.

Here are the results of my first fitting session:

Marfy Dress 3069 Fitting corrections muslin

I am not so sure about the length – maybe I should made it shorter? It will drape differently in the real fabric. I think about it in the next phase.
I will have to look for nice lining as well.

The upcoming weekend will be busy – I am not so sure I will have time to follow up on this project. So far so good Glimlach

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Man’s jacket Burda 8135

It will be a long project… at this moment I have finished a muslin and forced my DH to have the first very quick fit. Since few years I am planning to make him a jacket, well he requested one. I have bought this Burda 8135 man’s jacket pattern long ago – for extra tall figure. I already know I will have to make few adjustments, e.g. shorten the sleeves, ‘full tummy’ adjustment.

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 pattern, muslin

A year ago I have bought the eco canvas from bamboo and linen in red. For lining I will use cotton batiste or this nice red cotton fabric in shells Glimlach

Mans's jacket Burda 8135 fabric, fabric stash

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My not-wearable pants muslin

Well…. it all looked fine until I have finished the pants and put them on. Disaster!

I promise to show them so here it is…




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