The Marfy dress pattern 3069 – A or B?

I decided to make the Marfy dress in two colours – only version A or B?

Marf y Dress 3096, Colour combination, Marfy pattern, dress, muslin

My muslin is ready and is almost the time to cut the dress from the fabric.

Personally I prefer option B – such colours combination not only looks better but fits better my figure as well.

Let’s try the muslin 🙂

By Red Point Tailor

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Where the couture begins…

When I order a pattern usually it is taking about 2 weeks before I receive it. So ordering the Marfy pattern on Monday I was expecting it somewhere next week. And guess what? It has already arrived – so fast – wonderful!

Marfy pattern dress 3069_2

How I was surprised when I opened the envelope and I took out this small package … pattern wrapped in a sheet of pater with a sticker.

Marfy pattern dress 3069_2

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