A Guide to Savvy, Carreer Minded Woman’s Dress Codes – Semi Formal

How to dress semi formal to a dinner?

I have just came back from a business trip. Next to long days and spending most of the day inside a hotel/congress centre it could happen you get an invitation for a dinner with this rather vague party dress code – semi formal.

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Making something for my shoes – week-end DYI

Going back to reality after very short holidays is very difficult. I am sure it is a very common feeling. Fortunately the rainy weather with gray days is helping in this process.

Making a small fast things is helping as well. So I decided to make a shoe inserts for my pumps. I have already had one pair which I find very useful – it keeps my shoes in shape.

I use it as an example to make a pattern. The making process is very simple.

Shoes inserts - making pattern, pattern making, canvas, DYI

I used canvas as a basic fabric. In this case I use some pieces I had over after making few muslins.

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