Surprise! Every Class Under $20

This is your chance to elevate your skills to the next lavel in making your own garments.

We All Love Surprises! Our friends at Craftsy are having a sale this weekend.

ALL of their online classes are under $20 — Friday through Sunday.

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*This promotion ends Sunday, September 25, at 11:59 pm MT. Select classes are not eligible, including those from our partner The Great Courses®.

Unleash Your Creativity!

By Red Point Tailor

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FREE online DIY classes at Craftsy with lifetime access

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Watch FREE online DIY classes at Craftsy – lifetime access!

Ignite your creativity – Be inspired! Start now!

By Red Point Tailor

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Creative Evening by NetJewerk

If you sit still, nothing will happen …… that is not only the motto of NetJewerk, but it’s really true! NetJewerk is the network for women seeking job, entrepreneurs and start-ups. The main keywords of NetJewerk are connect, work, communicate, radiate, meet and develop. Help as many women as possible to get a job – that’s what NetJewerk do!

NetJEwerk Apeldoorn Netwerken, Training, Jobclubs, Arbeidsbemiddeling

I came across this organisation on LinkedIn few months ago – I found idea wonderful. Sandra Weijers –  owner of NetJewerk, is very energetic and inspiring woman. As I work I am not able to take part is daily activities however it is a great pleasure to join monthly NetJEwerk Borrel evening meetings. We just sit, talk, exchange ideas, experiences – it is wonderful to see women growing, gaining self-confidence.

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Etsy Craft Party June 6th 2014

Friday was a day of global Etsy Craft Party 2014. Etsy shop owners – but not only, where challenge you to meet neighbours & come together to make something surprising.

This year’s theme was Recapture: Bring new meaning to your photographs. We had to transform our photographs into display – worthy works of art using a variety of craft supplies and creative techniques.

global Etsy Craft Party 2014

I was participating in a Etsy Oost Team Crafts Party in Deventer (the Netherlands) – the new atelier of AnnaKarine van studio waanZin. AnnaKarine and Jojanneke from metdraadenraad were main organisers.

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Who is the winner? Ann is the winner!

It was great to watch the last episode of The Great British Sewing Bee. There were wonderful 4 weeks of great sewing.

Thanks for the great time! Congratulations!
You all were/are wonderful! Success!

The Great British Sewing Bee - participants

And the Great Winner is – ANN. CONGRATULATIONS!

Ann - winner of the Great British Sewing Bee

(photo taken from FB Great British Sewing Bee)

I think a lot of us expected her to win. She has a lot of experience and she presented her professionalism during these 4 weeks. Someone said that Ann has experience and Lauren a vision… true however you can only achieve your vision by getting the experience.

I am sure Ann was sewing a lot of creasy garments for her children and grand children in the past.

So now – let’s sew! We all see how much you can achieve if you just keep going. Let’s keep the spirit!

PS. There will be part 2 – I am looking forward to seeing it!

HotPot weekend

It was a busy weekend … all because of the HotPot.

I have made some few more items. Now I have to only take photos and put on Etsy. Hmmm…only. It will be long night tomorrow.

Soon on RedPointTailor.etsy.comSoon on RedPointTailor.etsy.comSoon on RedPointTailor.etsy.comSoon on RedPointTailor.etsy.comSoon on

I have made as well more buckles. Now I have no more excuse and I will have to finish my dress and jacket.

Soon on

Soon new items on RPT Etsy Knipogende emoticon

Soon on

Stained Glass workshop–preparations …

We are organising a stained glass workshop for a small group of friends next weekend. We still need to check our glass stash and other supplies.

I hope we will have enough space for all participants Knipogende emoticon


Meanwhile my husband is restoring old stained glass panels from the small bedroom.


The wooden original windows were replaced with new two-glassed windows. He will renew all four panels which then will be inserted between two glasses.DSC_0330DSC_0329

Then we will place them in the original place.

Home improvements–follow up

Once my husband had made a stained glass panel which we placed in the door. We liked the idea and we decided to make 2 more for other doors.

stained glass pannel in de doorstained glass pannel in de door

One stained glass panel is already finished by my husband …

stained glass pannel in de door

As it is laying on brownish plate the colours look a little strange.

Next step is to place it to a door… hopefully it will fit Knipogende emoticon.

Red Point Tailor