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This is your chance to elevate your skills to the next lavel in making your own garments.

We All Love Surprises! Our friends at Craftsy are having a sale this weekend.

ALL of their online classes are under $20 — Friday through Sunday.

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*This promotion ends Sunday, September 25, at 11:59 pm MT. Select classes are not eligible, including those from our partner The Great Courses®.

Unleash Your Creativity!

By Red Point Tailor

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By Red Point Tailor

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Noodles of my grandma Emilka – Kluski Babci Emilki

There is a very special dish I love which was made by my grandma  and then my mom. As my mother is in a hospital fortunately my sister knows how to make it and having enough potatoes she prepared this special noodles (kluski). It is not so well knows dish and I have to say I have never seen anyone making it (except in our family). As it was made by my grandma we called it with her name – hence Kluski Babci Emilki.

What you need for this dish are:

FILLING: potatoes, onion, salt and pepper

DOUGH: flour, egg, water and oil

You start with filling.

First you rasp potatoes and onion on a rasper and mix it in a bowl – add salt and pepper for better taste. After all is grated you have to squeeze a moisture from a pulp so they will not be so wet.

Noodles of my grandma Emilka - Kluski Babci Emilki  Noodles of my grandma Emilka - Kluski Babci Emilki


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