Burda Retro Top 134 – new project?

The moment I have seen this Burda Retro Wrap Top I wanted to make it. It has so interesting front finishing! Don’t you love it?

I only have to find proper fabric –Façonné – with two “good“ sides and body to drape.
First I will check my fabric stash.

Burda Retro Top 134 Red Point Tailor new couture projectBurda Retro Top 134 Red Point Tailor new couture project


Let’s now print, cut and put together the pattern pieces.

By Red Point Tailor

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BurdaStyle Live Webinars – new source of sewing courses?

Since few weeks I am receiving the newsletters with an offers from BurdaStyle  with different webinars.

Tomorrow there is going to be the live webinar on Waistband Techniques (it is not valid anymore).

BurdaStyle Live Webinars - new source of sewing courses?

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Burda Style Zelfmaakmode Stap voor Stap

Few weeks ago while waiting in a line in a shop I was looking at the sewing/crafting magazines and I then I have spotted something completely new – Burda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap voor Stap (which you may freely translate as Sew It Yourself Step by Step).

In 4 separate issues different basic sewing techniques will be (are) described and explained – step by step, including clear pictures and drawings. It is a great help for those who would like to start sewing (crafting) or already sewing but have some issues and/or questions. Excellent sewing knowledge resource.
I would say that it should be in every beginners sewing library. It is affordable and contains all necessary information to finish a garment.
Above all It is presented in a very attractive way, catching and wanting to read.

Burda Style – Zelfmaakmode Stap  voor Stap

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Burda retro pattern follow up…

As I am almost finished with my jacket and I am slowly preparing patterns for new garments.

I have bought this Burda retro dress pattern and I have found in my fabric stash a black fabric – perfect for my Little Black Dress! I think I have still somewhere enough lining – hmmm maybe I will use red colour?

I have never cut the patterns out but copy it using transparent pattern paper.


I took my basic patterns of bodies and skirt and check what kind of adjustments I should make.


As expected I needed to shorten the bodies 3 cm.


The same I have done with skirt. I had to shorten it but at the same time longer as I want to have a straight (pencil) skirt.


I will be a lot away in November for my work so I am not so sure when I start to work on this dress. I have joined the Pattern Review Sewing Contest – The LBD contest so I hope this will keep me going on. I will start on 1st November – so very soon – I am very excited about this!

Burda retro pattern

I know I have promised to keep away from patterns, however … the moment I came across this retro patterns from Burda I was not able to say ‘no’.

This simple dress was on my mind for a very long time. I was looking for the patter for years – or similar one so I could modify it. I started to construct a pattern so I could make this dress.

And suddenly here it is… I did not hesitate for a long. Now I have to find nice fabric and time/energy to make it.Burda style dress

Burda Classic’s

Burda Classic's coverWell… I have seen the announcement of a new Burda Classic’s and I was intrigued by its cover.

So I have immediately have bought it – and I am not disappointed.

I like very much included patterns …

I have already had jackets as on the cover, as well as a pattern for Chanel- like jacket, but still there is this white wrap blouse which I am going to make.

Burda Classic's jacket and dressBurda Classic's jacketBurda Classic's jacket and dressBurda Classic's white blouse Burda Classic's jacket and rock