Few more words on silk as lining

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Of course when speaking about using silk as a lining I have to mention china silk – often refered as habotai, habutai or pongee.

The china silk is lightweight, sheer and plain-weave fabric. It is perfect to use as a lining for summer garments.
I have bought this yellow and light blue silk fabric this year for my summer jacket(s) and dresses in Chinese online shop. On the HelloSilk website you will find all needed information about different kind of silk, use, sewing advised, etc.. In the online shop you may order silk in millions colours.

For the use in garments you will use the 8mm china silk however it is not recommended to use it in the fitted garments style as the seams could tear from the stress.

Silk habotai - perfect as lining for summer garments

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Choosing lining for your French jacket

When preparing to make a French jacket it is important to think not only about a fashion fabric (tweeds, plaids or buckles) but lining as well. And this could be quite challenging. You have to think ahead about the whole project.

Very often I use Viscose as a lining to my garments. It is thin and light and it is easy to work with. It is as well not so expensive.

“Viscose is a solution of cellulose xanthate made by treating a cellulose compound with sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide. Byproducts include sodium thiocarbonate, sodium carbonate, and sodium sulfide.[1] The viscose solution is used to spin the fiber viscose rayon, or rayon, a soft man-made fiber commonly used in dresses, linings, shirts, shorts, coats, jackets, and other outer wear. It is also used in industrial yarns (tyre cord), upholstery and carpets.” (quoted from Wikipedia)

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Make A Garment A Month Challenge

Sarah Liz – who is writing great posts about her sewing and style journey – has started the 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long! Very easy-going sew along till 31st December – which looks like a lot of time  – during which all participants will try to make lovely garments out of our stashes.

I have joined this challenge however due to all healthy problems with my mother I did not do so well so far. Looking at all creations from all participants I am so impressed.
Congratulations to all of you.

When I look back at the pictures of how it was before – I see no differences. Even worst – I have just bought new fabrics … ooops!

I have joined the 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long!  Fabric Stush TimeI have joined the 2013 Style The Stash Sew A Long!  Fabric Stush Time

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One more top to add to September stash busting

I was looking for a fabric and I came across this jersey I have bought some time ago – nothing new Glimlach

Then I have noticed that what I though was black/grey shades – was actually dark blue/blue shades.

blue shades jersey fabric for autumn top

After sewing other dark blue top I still have dark blue threads on my sewing machine and lock machine… so why not to make a top.

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YES! The skirt is ready

Making a skirt (part of my couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648) went quite fast. Well, it is straight forward. Usual recipe: after fitting the muslin I have traced the pattern pieces on silk organza. I have pinned and based the organza pieces to a fashion fabric.

Making a skirt (part of my couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648)

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Time for a skirt

Now when bodice is ready it is time for a skirt.

bodice is ready - couture dress bodice (based on Vogue dress 8648

I decided to make a new muslin – I put a date on it to know next tome which one is the newest.

working on skirt - couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648

working on skirt - couture dress based on Vogue dress 8648

Now the usual steps – silk organza, fashion fabric and skirt is ready!
I was hoping to finish it today but I decided to have a lazy Sunday – I was enjoying few sunny moments today!

Marianne from Foxgloves and thimbles asked me if I am timing the whole process. I was thinking about doing it once – I will maybe even do this while making a little French jacket (as part of a sew along).
I am sewing really extremely slowly – I just take a time to enjoy the process – I don’t need a lot of cloth I opt to have a few but high quality.

It was nice to find other blogger who is enjoying ‘slow sewing’ – featherstitch. I am sure there are more among of us.

Following the sewing bloggers I am discovering so many reasons behind the idea of starting sewing… I find it very interesting.

Red Point Tailor

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On my cutting table

Coming week I will be away for my work but still I would like to take some sewing work with me.

I have few fabrics I have bought to make a Chanel-like jacket. Some of them are silk with cotton or linen. I have bought as well the silk organza for interlining and silk for lining. All is set up. At least 2 fabrics will be transfer to a jacket based on a Vogue pattern 8804 by Claire Shaeffer.

On my cutting table - Vogue Jacket Chanel like by Claire Shaeffer

The pattern pieces in size 8 (I checked the ease and I think size 8 will fit better) are already traced on paper and I marked the seam allowances, grain line, notches and all other needed marks Glimlach.

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The red summer dress – almost there…

After finishing the Vintage wrap top I picked up one of the UFO projects.

The red summer dress based on Vogue dress 8648 (you may read more about it here).
I have finished the bodice – all seams are catch-stitched. I used silk organza as interfacing and stabilizer. I am ready for the next step.
And then while attaching the upper bodice to the waist band I have noticed a very strange thing…

The red summer dress–wearable muslin

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Which fabric shall I use for the Marfy dress

From my fabric stash I dug out these fabrics for the Marfy dress.
Which fabric shall I use for the Marfy dress 3069_2
I have enough to make even 2 dresses – no problem at all Glimlach
One option is to make one dress from the same fabric …

Which fabric shall I use for the Marfy dress couture Red Point Tailor Women fashionWhich fabric shall I use for the Marfy dress couture Red Point Tailor Women fashion

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New Amazing Look of Marfy website

Have you seen new layout and look of the Marfy website?

I like it very much – it is more user-friendly, easier to navigate, easier to make account( I am not so sure if this option was available before?) and easier to place an order – much too easy Glimlach.

Marfy, website, new look, Feminine patterns

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