Decluttering part 1 – Burda Magazines – All these memories

From time to time it is good to declutter my sewing atelier and the office.

This time I decided to make some order in books and magazines.

When moving from Poland to the Netherlands I took with me my collection of Burda magazines from 80’s – 90’s. Well, you never know. Besides I have made so many garments based on the patterns from Burda that it could be useful.

Burda, Byrda International, paper patterns, sewcialists, burda patterns

Hmmm…  once in a box – they stayed in the box.

When I open the box it was as opening a time capsule – so many memories. Good one!

Burda, Byrda International, paper patterns, sewcialists, burda patterns

It appeared a real treasure – I even came across few patterns I might to use to make some garments soon.

Decluttering is a very hard job which I could not do without my helping hand – Bolle.

Burda, Byrda International, paper patterns, sewcialists, burda patterns

Anyway – I picked up few magazines and the rest put back in the box.

No, I am not yet ready to say good bye to them so I found for them a nice place in the attic.

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By Red Point Tailor

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