How to – Make Designer Trims

I am sure that many of you – including myself – already have made a French Jacket or is going to make.

The new book by Claire Shaeffer – Couture Sewing: Making Designer Trims – presents sewing methods she has developed based on her own meticulous research into couture sewing methods and techniques.

So now after weeks spending on creating a couture, French Jacket: selecting fabric, measuring, cutting, basting, sewing, etc.,  thanks to Claire Shaeffer step-by-step instructions – you will be able to finish it with a masterfully matched, expertly attached designer trim.

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This unique, multimedia approach, which includes detailed step-by-step instructions, photos, and how-to video, form an essential resource for sewists looking to elevate their garments to the next level by adding appropriate trims. This must-have resource gives an overview of the different types of trims that are used in a couture workroom and explains different methods for attaching the trims to a garment. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to create trims from scratch.

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By Red Point Tailor

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