Gold & Black Panel for Your Dreamed Circle Skirt

Grab a chance to wear self-made circle skirt during the Xmas Dinner.

With this gold and black panel fabric it will be a piece of cake for you. I have just listed it in my RPT Couture shop on Etsy.

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You could ease pair it with a simple black top for retro look.
The panel is 180 cm wide and 180 cm long. You may make 1 circle skirt or 2 half-circle skirts. The choice is yours!

The fabric is viscose/polyester in gold with velvet like black pattern.
Don’t wait too long – there is only one piece available.

Making a circle skirt is easy. The only measurement you need to know is your waist circumference (c).

With this panel you already have outer circle marked – which you can always adjust.

To proceed further you have to calculate a radius (r) using the formula:

r = c / 2π

r = radius
c = circumference (circle circumference = the waist circumference)
π = 3,14 (constant number)

After calculating the radius, you have to measure it from the center of the circle to its edge.

The length of the skirt you then measure from the waist (the circle edge) to the outer edge.

You may as well follow the pattern making waist opening bigger and adjust it to your measurements by nice elastic band.

If you have no time for calculation you may use this simple pattern I have found out on What A Craft.

Dont forget to cut a waist band and keep in mind the seam allowances.

Good luck!

By Red Point Tailor

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