I really tried – hard… Quality won!

As a Company Christmas gift I have chosen a gift card from a chain V&D. I was planning to use it one day however a recent not so good news about the V&D (due to difficulties) I though it would be good to buy something now.

I don’t shop very often but having this opportunity I thought – let’s buy pants. I tried about 10 pair of pants from different labels… no, no, no… I really tried… I spend about 2 hours… no, no, no…

Majority of them fitted so badly that I just could not do this. Secondly looking at the prices – knowing how much time it takes to make one pair of pants – I just could not do this.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

I had in my mind pictures from the recently broadcasted documentary on the Dutch TV – De Slag Om Klerewereld. The three films showing reality behind fashion industry and labels after the Rana Plaza disaster – where 1200 workers died.

Even though it is Dutch programme lot’s of interviews are in English so you can easy watch it – I really recommend it.

– Part one – The miracle of disposable fashion (Het wonder van de wegwerpmode) – De Slag Om Klerewereld
– Part two – Prices Battle in Bangladesh (Prijzenslag in Bangladesh) – Prijzenslag in Bangladesh
– Part Three – Cotton Top Sellers (Katoenknallers) – Katoenknallers

DeSlagOmKlerenwereldScreenshot from NPO website

Unfortunately buying expensive clothes do not guarantee that it is done in sustainable way. The film shows new, good equipped sewing company buildings – empty! It is too expensive to carry on production there. The production is sub-contracted to cheaper companies – you know which ones…

You may as well watch the 5-parts film made by 3 Norwegian fashionistas in Cambodia –SWEATSHOP – DEADLY FASHION (the link is to the films with English subtitles).

SWEATSHOP - DEADLY FASHIONScreenshot from the website

That’s why I really support initiatives of Sarah Gunn from Goodbye Valentino or Courtney from Project 333 –  mentioning only few of them. I will have to find other gifts…

Is it possible to change consumers’ shopping behaviour? Will fashion industry change? What we could do more?

By Red Point Tailor

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  1. Well said! I have seen the movies with the three young people. Such a sad situation.

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