The Day After the ‘Sewing Marathon’ on TV

It was a challenge to watch  Door Het Oog Van De Naald (DHOVDN) and the Great British Sewing Bee (GBSB) season 3 kicks off at the same time.

Door Het Oog Van De Naald GreatBritishSewinBee

It was difficult not to keep comparing both programmes either. I am really curious what is an added value of having sewing couples in DHOVDN? What was the idea behind?

I could add more comments (I have small conversation with Marianne from Foxgloves and thimbles on this) … but  let’s give it a chance. Let’s hope the Dutch version will change the idea on sewing and make more people eager to sew and value the craft/quality/knowledge/experience behind it.

BTW… you may watch the 1st episode here.

I am glad these two programmes will be transmitted on different day/time as of the next week.

Which one is your favourite so far?

By Red Point Tailor

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10 Responses to The Day After the ‘Sewing Marathon’ on TV

  1. Aafke says:

    I think she shows have a very different starting point. Where GBSB is all about the sewing and the technique, DHOVDN seems to be more geared towards fashion, more like Project Runway. This is also reflected in the fact that one of the judges is a style/fashion expert, not a sewing expert.

  2. Marianne says:

    My guess is they chose for teams to add more drama. They do focus quite a bit on the fights, teammates picking on each other and blaming their partners for bad decisions and mistakes. I much prefer the friendlier GBSB atmosphere!

  3. Amanda says:

    I have to say GBSB series 3!! Can’t wait for it to start next Thursday! It is so exciting! I am going to have to watch the other one though to compare! Quite a few bloggers spotted me on one of your posts and popped over to see me! Thank you! 🐝

  4. I have to try to check it out! I had fun watching the French version over here in the U.S. I think they tried to do a U.S. version in a different style, and it didn’t work out. Of course, a successful U.S. show would have crying, screaming, and stabbing with scissors.

  5. Although i quite liked DHOVDN i’m not a big fan of the fact they’re working in couples. Especially after i switched to GBSB right after DHOVDN had finished. In the catch up episode you could clearly see how much the contestants had become friends and how sad they where every time someone was send home.
    I think the fact that they’re working in couples in the Dutch version will prevent this type of “bonding” between the contestants, because they will have their partner to complain to/laugh with.

    I did like the fact they got to make an item for a celebrity, it’s quite a nice challenge to come up with something that suits their personal style.

    • Making a piece for a celebrity gives extra attention – for sure 🙂 Well, I hope… and I hope positive attention for sewing ietself.
      I am not so sure working in couples will prevent bonding. From other side I did not like the couple who was sent away leaving so lonly. Noone said goodbuy … this reminded me a little project runway.
      Let’s see the next one…

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