It will be ‘sewing marathon’ today

Besides Door Het Oog Van De Naald today the Great British Sewing Bee season 3 kicks off as well!


Great post presenting all candidates on Sewcialists!

By Red Point Tailor

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7 thoughts on “It will be ‘sewing marathon’ today

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    1. Yes, I am glad too. Well. I don’t know yet… as a member of Branchevereninging Mode Ambachten I should say – wonderful! Somehow I like GBSB better. I am curious why they decided to have couples? When I see the garments made by participants of the GBSB and those ones made by the Dutch… I see no added value. Anyway, it is fun. It is difficult to discuss it in writing… We should meet for coffee 🙂
      For a moment I have an idea that you are one of the participants … there is a lady who looks a little bit like you.
      What’s your first impression?

    2. I prefer individual sewing over teamwork too. Also a bit too much attention for the characters and too little for the sewn projects, it’s nothing like GBSB. And those lame jokes! Let’s hope it will improve over the next weeks and will generate some extra interest in sewing!

    3. I really hope the image of sewing improve – I hope they will put more attention to quality. However a comment “… it looks like dress from the shop … ‘ makes me a little doubt about it.
      I have to say that the GBSB attracts more attention – I don’t see a lot of discussions in social media about Dutch version – so far.
      Yes, let’s be positive… 🙂

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