Take it to the B.A.N.K. … WHAT?

This was exactly my reaction when I for the first heard about B.A.N.K. about year ago. I just let it go then as I could not find any useful information what exactly it is.

Then few weeks before Christmas I came across this BANK again. This time I decided to dig deeper – and it was worth it. I not only find out a great tool, which improve communication with clients,  but get acquainted with great woman – Miranda Broeren owner of Vrouwen Verdienen Meer (Women Deserve More).

So what is this B.A.N.K.?

BANK® stands for Blueprint, Action, Nurturing and Knowledge – the four personality types according to the B.A.N.K. methodology developed by Cheri Tree – founder of the Global BANK Academy.
I hear you saying … ‘aaa! another personality system’. Hmmm – yes – with extras!

BANK® Personality Assessment Success System

BANK® methodoly use BANK® Personality Assessment Success System (BANK® PASS), to identify quickly and effectively the BANK® Code of your contacts, potential customers and or relations. In less than 90 seconds you receive extensive information about the general personality types, values and, most importantly – information on WHY they BUY – for each of your customers/clients.

The BANK® methodology help you:

  • connect faster and easier with your prospects / customers
  • deliver powerful presentations using the right scripts
  • accelerate customer acquisition and increase retention
  • develop a highly trained sales force with a competitive advantage

How it works? Try it yourself!

BANK® Personality Assessment Success System

“BANK is a game changer for every entrepreneur and sales professional. this system will strengthen your confidence, expand your selling skills and dramatically increase your income”
Lis Brown world-renowned motivational speaker, coach and best-selling author

I have to admit – I was sceptical about this tool at first. It sounds too beautiful to be true.
However learning more about it and especially hearing experiences of other people who already use the BANK® methodoly in their practice I am positive that this tool can help to connect and communicate in a deeper, meaningful way with your key relationships – personally and professionally.

‘Every business has two things in common
– Jim Piccolo – Chairman of the GBA

Meanwhile, this method is applied in many fields worldwide – by trainers, coaches, therapists, lawyers, teachers, (internet) marketers, MLM, stylists, financial advisors, etc. Already in more than 30 countries.

Are you intrigued? Try it yourself!

By Red Point Tailor

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 PS. Leet me know if you have questions about this tool.


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