Spring is in the air!

The Vogue Patterns has just issue the new patterns for Spring 2015. The colours of the presented garments bright up this gray winter day.

I have few favourites and I think it will be difficult to say no to some of them.

V1435 Misses’ Jacket and Dress – I like the idea of a simple dress with this jacket. I am not so sure what I like more – the colour or the form. Nice total look – a little retro. It is getting difficult from the beginning.

V1435, Misses' Jacket and DressV1435, Misses' Jacket and Dress V1435, Misses' Jacket and Dress

V1439 Misses’ Jacket and Pants – I like this jacket … and pants. Nice combination – I have to think about it. I have for sure great fabrics in my stash to make both garments.

V1439, Misses' Jacket and Pants V1439, Misses' Jacket and Pants V1439, Misses' Jacket and Pants

V1431 Misses’ Dress – I like the idea of colour blocking and a shape. The next to think about.

V1431, Misses' Dress V1431, Misses' Dress V1431, Misses' Dress

V1440, Misses’ Jacket, Top and Pants – I expect these patterns to be very popular. Easy jacket to make and a white sleeveless blouse with surprising yoke back. The close-fitting, tapered pants (below waist) have elastic waist suits great to this outfit. The next pattern on the list to think about.

V1440, Misses' Jacket, Top and Pants V1440, Misses' Jacket, Top and Pants V1440, Misses' Jacket, Top and Pants V1440, Misses' Jacket, Top and Pants V1440, Misses' Jacket, Top and Pants

V9095, Misses’ Jacket is a great pattern for those who want to make a quilted French jacket. V9093, Misses’ Jacket, Skirt and Pants – I like the jacket to which I would add lining.

V9095, Misses' Jacket V9093, Misses' Jacket, Skirt and Pants


There are two Vogue Vintage patterns – V9082, Misses’ Jacket, Top and Dress and V9083, Misses’ Jacket, Dress and Belt – I prefer the fist one … but not this time.

V9082, Misses' Jacket, Top and Dress V9083, Misses' Jacket, Dress and Belt

There is something for the men this time as well – V9097, Men’s Jacket and Pants.

V9097, Men's Jacket and Pants

Which patterns do you like from the Vogue Patterns Spring 2015 Collection? Which are your favourites?

By Red Point Tailor

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10 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

  1. Honestly, I was a little disappointed by this collection! I thought there were several interesting garments, but unfortunately they were also unflattering! For instance I love the back of the first jacket you talked about, V1435, but I don’t like the proportions on the front. One of my favorite patterns was V1432, the Kay Unger dress with the intricate bodice. What did you think of that one?

    1. Hi Anelisen, Well, I have to admit I like the back of the V1435 jacket more then fron as well… I think I like the colour the most :-). The V1432 dress is great as well – the front is stunning. It is challenging though. Are you going to use one of the patterns to make a garment for yourself?

  2. I like the jacket on 9082, which has kimono sleeves and French darts like my fave vintage designer, Claire McCardell. I also like the Donna Karan cardigan for a more modern look.

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