6 thoughts on “Treasuries from Stoffenspektakel

  1. As a matter of fact I did buy something! When I was halfway through the parking lot I remembered I’d only seen half of the Samitex stand. I wasn’t sure whether they would be in Apeldoorn next week so I rushed back to check the other half out and guess what I found? That dark blue/purple/bordeaux plaid I was looking for! So I didn’t return home empty handed after all. Not that I would have cared, this was one of those occasions where talking about sewing actually beats fabric shopping!

  2. I follow Marianne as well. And can I say I am so jealous!! It sounds like you two had such a good time. And that blue and gold (?) boucle is to die for. I just love it. Have fun!

    1. Thanks!
      It was not so easy to concentrate on fabrics – we were little distructed ;-). We were so glad we blog in English so we can have friends all over the world – and how fabulous it is!
      Tre – this boucle has a little gold – which I have notices home while taking pictures – too many gorgeous fabrics on this stand. It is so amazing. I have to speed up working on my dress!
      Take care! Beata

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