Wardrobe addition – Wrap Top Neue Mode – STIL – M22745

I was already showing you completed Wrap Top Neue Mode – STIL – M22745 on my 3.0 version.

I was curious myself on how it looks on my 1.0 version – hence the pictures below.

Wrap Top Neue Mode - STIL – M22745 - front Wrap Top Neue Mode - STIL – M22745 - back side

This Wrap Top Neue Mode – STIL – M22745 feels ok when on. I like the colours – great for summer. I will however wear a thin camisole underneath. I have made no adjustment to the pattern – well, it is loose fitting pattern. I would however consider bust adjustment if I would ever make this top again.

completed Wrap Top Neue Mode - STIL – M22745 - glass jewelry set, glass pendant, glass earrings

I am cleaning my wardrobe arranging all garment is 3 categories:

1. Clothes I will keep
2. Clothes I might keep
3. Clothes that must go

This top will go somewhere between pile 1 and 2. I will wait till summer to make final decision.

By Red Point Tailor

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6 thoughts on “Wardrobe addition – Wrap Top Neue Mode – STIL – M22745

  1. I haven’t seen a Neue Mode pattern here for years – this one is really nice – suits your figure. I must clean out my wardrobe as well – it’s hard to get rid of things sometimes – especially if you have made them, but if they are not being worn, there is no point in keeping them, is there?

    1. Thanks! I like this as well – another vote for Pile 1 😉
      I like to watch how everyone is busy making new wardrobe – it is very inspring. However I decided to go for quality and I make only garments I need. Thus first cleaning my wardrobe, checking the state of garments, fit, etc.
      I have to do the same with my husband garments.
      Great seeing you on Evolve Your Style! This excercise is forcing me looking very critically on myself/wardrobe.

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