Marfy 3408 Project

The Marfy blouse 3408 moved to the first place on my sewing projects list. It will be very useful garment in my wardrobe. I still have to check my stash for suitable fabric though.

Marfy 3408 Project couture blouse

After all paper pieces were ready I started to work on muslin.

Marfy 3408 making a muslin

The pieces were transferred on canvas and cut off.


Then I trace all sewing lines on sewing machine.  When doing this I have realized I cut the front center part separately – instead on fold.


Reason number 1 – could be that I am working on two patterns at the same time. Marfy dress 0303 has a seam on the center front.

Reason number 2 – could be that (in between) I am following CreativeLive class – Master Your People Skills with Vanessa Van Edwards. Fabulous and I really recommend it.

Master Your People Skills with VANESSA VAN EDWARDS by CreativeLive

Master Your People Skills will show you how to effectively communicate with partners, clients, and colleagues so you can flourish in all aspects of your life.
It is free at this moment!

Let’s solve this small issue tomorrow.

By Red Point Tailor

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