Welcome August Welcome Holidays

Naming it Holidays is maybe too big – we have just 1 week off, but we deserve it. We – I mean me and my DH. He was sick last few weeks and still he is not feeling great. I hope this week off will help to relax and charge batteries.

We are not going far away – we both travel enough for our work.
Being in love with Waddenzee – and sharing passion for sailing – we have rented a sailing yacht for this week. Wander in a camper was great but we both were missing sailing.

We always rent sailing yachts with a lift keel so we can run dry. This year we have rent Feeling 36 for the first time at the new company Sailingcentre and we are both very curious about this new yacht.

The pictures of Feeling 36  are very promising …

Feeling 36 lift keel promo picture

There is for sure enough room for relaxing and reading a book when the weather is not so good.

Feeling 36 lift keel promo picture

I am sure we will enjoy this week as in previous years. One hour sailing feels like days off!

Waddenzee holidays 2012 Holidays  Waddenzee 2012 Holidays  Waddenzee 2012 Holidays  Waddenzee

The weather seams to be good as well. I will post picture – for sure. For now few pictures from 2011, 2012.

By Red Point Tailor

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