A day of national mourning in the Netherlands

Today the Netherlands is holding a day of mourning for the 298 killed in the 17 July crash, 193 of whom were Dutch.

The first bodies recovered from the Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed in Ukraine last week are to be flown to the Netherlands for identification.

A day of national mourning in the Netherlands in memory of all the victims of flight MH17

These are strange days for all families who lost someone in this tragedy.
I wish strength to everyone who has lost a loved one in the airplane crash of airplane MH17.

By Red Point Tailor


10 thoughts on “A day of national mourning in the Netherlands

  1. This is such a terrible loss and I keep reading such wonderful thing about the people that the whole world lost that day. I’m praying for strength for the Dutch and all the others who were lost.
    I thought of you and you fellow country men when I saw the details of this story.

  2. There are no words to express the depths of this tragedy. The world shares in grieving for those lost, and for their families.

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