Etsy + Rijksmuseum present: Guild of ’14

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (NL) was completely renovated in 2013. During the renovation a large part of the collection was digitized establishing the Rijksstudio, a website where more than 150,000 works of art may be found.

The Rijksstudio  wanted to acquaint the Etsy community with the art of the Rijksmuseum, therefore they organized a design competition – the Rijksstudio AwardThe Rijksmuseum has asked five Etsy sellers to create items inspired by a picture of the Rijksstudio. Both, Etsy and the Rijksmuseum are proud of the final result.

Tovicorrie NG-2010-39 (1)
(pictures taken from Etsy blog)

Guild of ‘14 – exhibishion which was just openend this week – presents the work of nine members of the Etsy from Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom and the Netherlands – where acontemporary interpretation is made of their favorite works from the Rijksmuseum. This time we used a fashion point of view, we present the results at Gallery 33 during Fashion Week in Amsterdam.

Come by the Etsy + Rijksmuseum exhibition in Amsterdam!

Where? – Gallery 33

When? – 8-28 of july 2014

P.S. Would you like to work with Rijksmuseum images?
The Rijksstudio is the online digital collection of the Rijksmuseum 200,000 masterpieces that you can download for nothing. Everyone is free to make something unique and new to make given the images released copyright free.
Now go to the and open your own studio for nothing!

By Red Point Tailor

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