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I pick up my sewing machine from the reparation last week however according to Cobie from Rouwendal (sewing machine center) I should not expect a lot. It is sewing but – as  I was assured – it is not me but machine – which is just not for me, my needs.

While looking around the shop and especially looking at my dream Bernina 530 (I will buy it one day) Cobie asked me if I really need to have a new one. It has happened she just have a second-hand Bernina which would be perfect for me. She asked if I would like to try it on. My eyes started to shine … it was a 15 years old Bernina artista 170. What a difference! Hmmm… it was still expensive.

 Bernina Artista 170 new in Red Point Tailor couture atelier

I had to sleep over – it is completely unexpected. I think issues with my current sewing machine directly that day have made my mind. No fancy holidays – but new (old) sewing machine.

Being for a weekend in Poland and having few busy days with meetings in the end I could pick up my BERNINA!

Yes! I am now a proud owner of BERNINA 🙂

Bernina Artista 170 new in Red Point Tailor couture atelier - front view


Well, someone can say it is 15 years old machine but this Bernina is much more advanced than the Husqvarna I have bought almost 4 years ago. It is solid, it has real bobbing and it works quieter – and has touch screen and eco mode. It is such a difference! I remember all advises and comments after my sewing machine has broken for the first time. Bernina was mentioned very often as great and reliable sewing machine.

Bernina Artista 170 new in Red Point Tailor couture atelier - close view

I am still discovering all possibilities and to try them I started to sew the Burda Retro top 134 which was already cut off.

Lets sew!

By Red Point Tailor

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20 thoughts on “News from the RPT couture atelier

  1. Congratulations on your new machine 🙂 Two years ago I bought a 730 made in 1969, it is fabulous (but not very pretty!). Berninas last a lifetime!

    1. True – I like the look of the modern Bernina – I have 530 on my list. But I don’t mind the look of my Bernina. It is such a pleasure to sew on it. I am sure I will enjoy sewing on my Bernina for very long time.
      Enjoy your Bernina 🙂

  2. You’re going to love it. I went from a Husqvarna I sewed on for about 25 years to a Bernina. I loved my Husqvarna and just wanted to cry when I knew it couldn’t be revived, but the Bernina is just as solid a machine as my old Husqy. Think you will be happy.
    Have fun,

    1. Unfortuanately my latest Husqv is not so good so I even more enjoy this Bernina. I am very happy I have made this decision. I have more trust in it. Enjoy your Bernina 🙂 I am going to have fun this weekend 😀
      All the best, Beata

  3. Congratulations on your new baby. I too recently switched from Husqvarna to Bernina and what a difference! I purchased a used Bernina (Artista 200) figuring they are built to last a lifetime. It sews heavy canvas as well as silk chiffon beautifully. Also I just saw your dress featured in Threads Magazine. Beautiful work! I enjoy following your projects.

  4. Mary

    I bought my used Bernina 1130 over 20 years ago and it still sews reliably (and beautifully!) I wish you many years of sewing bliss on your “new” machine!

  5. Congrats with your Bernina! They are the best! I sew on a Bernina 450 and love it so much. Can’t wait to see all the new things you made on your new machine.

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