Strange days

My sewing machine is in a good hands – I hope. I hope it will be fixed soon so I can follow-up on new sewing projects – which piled up. It is strange to see this empty space.

Missing my sewing machine

For a short period I was thinking of buying the new machine -Bernina 580 – but after checking my budget unfortunately it has to wait. I have to earn/save somehow money.

Meanwhile I cut out the Burda Retro Pattern 134 from the blue viscose with black dots.

Burda Retro Pattern 134 in making by Red Point Tailor

I event thought to sew it by hand… and may be I will do if reparation takes more time. Other option I was considering was buying an old Singer with foot pedal. Or just wait.

I still have lock machine – but not so many knit fabrics. While looking for a fabric for the Burda Retro Top I came across a piece of striped jersey so I have made a top – T-shirt.

Top stripes jersey made by Red Point Tailor

I had to make neck-band from 2 shorter pieces – I did not have one long piece any more.

Top stripes jersey made by Red Point Tailor - neck band

Then from other pieces – dark blue jersey – I started to make a try version of a Yellow Tail Camisole 3101 by Disparate Disciplines (free pattern on Craftsy).

a Yellow Tail Camisole 3101 by Disparate Disciplines  -free pattern on Craftsy

This is a knitted top meant to be sew in majority on sewing machine which I hate. So I was testing how to make it using only serger.

The insert on the back went ok. The back top however is too wide so I will have to adjust it next time.

a Yellow Tail Camisole 3101 by Disparate Disciplines back view RSa Yellow Tail Camisole 3101 by Disparate Disciplines back view WS

The front is a little different story. I attached first the folded top front and then I sew in the front insert.

a Yellow Tail Camisole 3101 by Disparate Disciplines front view RS

The next time I will keep the end of the insert longer so I will fold it over to cover the seams. But it is not so bad. I joined front and back and here I had to stop as I did not have fold over elastic, any elastic I could use or enough knitted fabric to make my own band.

I will now patiently waiting for my sewing machine and in the meantime shorten few skirts for my mother.

By Red Point Tailor

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8 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. I was lucky in that I got a loaner when I had my machine repaired. So from what im understanding of this post is that we really do need more than one machine!

    1. Fortunately I had busy week – almost each eventing a meeting. But this long weekend was terrible … next week I will go away for few days. I hope I got good news tomorrow.

  2. Sorry to hear about your machine. Only someone who loves sewing knows how horrible that is. 😀 I love my Bernina, but they are dear. If you didn’t want the embroidery module, you could drop to the 550 QE and save some dollars. (I have refused to buy a machine with embroidery because I don’t need to add to the list of my hobbies. All I need is something else to spend money on!)

    I’ve also picked up a couple vintage Singers about a year ago. I would really like to talk my daughters in sewing on them. Those things are older than I am and still running…and still able to repair in the event of trouble. Amazing!

    Have fun with your knits.

    1. Lucky woman with her Bernina 🙂 I will have my one day as well. You are right about embroidery – I don’t need it, that’s why 530 or 580 type. I understood that they are semi-proffesional. They have real bobbing and really solid. I will look for working vintage Singer as well – it brings a lot of memories. I learn sewing on such machine, well, my grandmother learn me (allow to play with it 🙂 ).
      Good luck with your quilting projects!

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