DYI Project #2

The inner pocket is installed! I am glad with the final result. My DH is running a lot of projects in Africa and I managed to have Africa at the top.

DYI project by Red Point Tailor, suitcase pocket

I liked working on something different than garments so having still my sewing machine set up with heavy duty threads I decided to make a cover for a portable printer for him as well.

DYI project by Red Point Tailor portable printer cover

This time I decided to use a fabric with all Air Mail envelopes printed on it.
After measuring and drawing the pattern I cut all the pieces from the fabric.

DYI project by Red Point Tailor portable printer cover

I used a flannel blanket as underlining for protection. I was so glad that my sewing machine was doing so good with this all thick fabric …but you know this proverb:

Do no praise the day before sunset….

I have just finished attaching a pocket for a charger and a cable when it refused to work.

The needle did not come up, the thread was twisted around the bobbing and I have a (fortunately) small hole in the fabric now. The needle broken as well eventually.

I have changed needle few times, re-threaded the sewing machine many, many times, corrected the bobbing, clean up the bobbing – NO WAY – NO MORE SEWING!

DYI project #2 has to wait.

Meantime I have prepared the patterns for the Burda retro top 134 – this has to wait as well.

Burda retro top 134 made by Red Point Tailor, couture atelierBurda retro top 134 made by Red Point Tailor, couture atelier

I will cut the pattern from the fabric and make all things by hand as far as I can. I hope till this time my machine will be repaired.

By Red Point Tailor

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6 Responses to DYI Project #2

  1. I made it!! says:

    Oh no – I hate it when my sewing machine balls up! Makes me really crabby! So sorry!

  2. Renee says:

    Major bummer that your machine broke down! It must be tough to do no sewing this week!

    • I was in tears … it is for the third time. I have busy week so maybe I would not be able to sew at all – but that the broken sewing machine is a reason for this – I hate this. Fortunately I have some hand sewing to do – finishing skirt. And I can cut out other garments.

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