The ‘Kendra’s Night Out’ Challenge

Week ago I have got surprized e-mail from Kendra Thornton with a question if I would like to participate in the ‘Kendra’s Night Out’ Challenge. I am travelling myself and I am staying in all kind of hotels so I though – Great!

The next e-mail contained more details:

The plan is to start the evening with Sunset Service at the Top of the Standard. We will drift into our New York night with the smooth jazz stylings of that night’s entertainment, while sipping on a cocktail or two. I’ve heard amazing things about the small plate offerings here, and the idea of a swanky supper club vibe is perfect for this getaway. Just thinking about the glittering skyline makes me a bit weak in the knees. I can’t quite believe I’m on my way to a real, honest to goodness grownup adventure. It’s long overdue! The requested style is cocktail attire, but I’m at a bit of a loss. Does that mean I need a long or short dress? Can I go with a bright color, or should I stick to a tried and true little black dress? You get the point, I need your expertise.

While I’m thrilled to be heading to the Big Apple, I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed at first. There is just so much to do! Without the expert advice I received at Gogobot, I’m not sure where I would have started. The world travelers I encountered there were invaluable in building my itinerary. I’d never even heard of the Standard High Line Hotel before researching this trip,and now I ‘m staying at one of the very best hotels in this incredible city. And now I turn to you, my fashion experts, to help me look like I’m a natural New Yorker. As we all know, whether seeing a show, lounging at the Top of the Standard, or dining at a local restaurant, the right outfit can be the difference between a good night, and an experience to be treasured forever.

I decided to make two boards (actually three):

1. Good to combine essentials for travelling and the day at the city in brown and blue shades

The 'Kendra's Night Out' Challenge - board by Red Point Tailor - day in the city


The 'Kendra's Night Out' Challenge - board by Red Point Tailor - day in the city

2. Evening – Cocktail attire – knee length dress, smart, elegant, modest accessories.

The 'Kendra's Night Out' Challenge - board by Red Point Tailor - evening in the city


This challenge has shown me that I still miss few garments in my wardrobe, e.g. pants – to make my own business trips more comfortable.

By Red Point Tailor

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