Couture dress #2 Vogue pattern V2888

We had the rainy weekend with a very few short sun breaks.


To make it bearable I decided to make another dress based on the Vogue pattern V2888 only this time from the cotton I have bought recently during the Stoffenspektakel.

Couture dress #2 Vogue pattern V2888Couture dress #2 Vogue pattern V2888

While I was checking the fabric on RS I have notices these lose threats, which I did not expect with this couture fabric. I hope it will be easy to fix.  Reminder for myself to check fabric RS during purchasing and before cutting.

Couture dress #2 Vogue pattern V2888 - cotton fabric

I cut patterns in a way to have this mistakes at the back.

Next I transfer the patterns on the silk organza and pinned to the fashion fabric. It was a little hassle as I used yellow/white Burda waxed trace paper. It was difficult to see the marks when I lay the silk organza on the fabric.

Couture dress #2 Vogue pattern V2888

Couture dress #2 Vogue pattern V2888

The darts, shoulders and side seams are sewed and now I am catch-stitching the seam allowances. Coming days I will attach the zipper and start working on lining.

This dress will be perfect addition to my wardrobe.

By Red Point Tailor

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4 Responses to Couture dress #2 Vogue pattern V2888

  1. Lovely fabric, but such a shame about the pulled threads, I wonder if there may be a way of securing each row with a row of almost invisible stitching? Not a fantastic solution 😦 My dog would have it unwearable in minutes.

    • This is the weak site of this fabric. I will have to deal with it. I am curious how my cat will influence it and the neibours dog… I will have good reason to make the new one 😉

  2. I made it!! says:

    Very nice! Unfortunately I can’t seem to keep light colours – whites, creams – clean! I am always dropping something on myself. A darker colour or a print for me please!

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