The test garments follow up

My last test garments are ready. I have no more time to make more. I still have to help my mother with some spring cleaning and my work is calling as well.

1. I ma glad though I have managed to make the top of this Butterick pattern B5813. Generally speaking I will have make simple strait skirt to it but I prefer to have it cut in the waist. I have to try it and check it.

B5813 DSC_0005

2. The last muslin was a short jacket based on the Butterick pattern B5859. I am going to test on it my idea for the fashion show – I am planning to take part in the challenge organize during the The European Master Tailor Congress (EMTC).


3. The very last activity was working on my pants muslin. While watching the picture from my first fitting I have noticed that the side seam at the top is pulling back.


I decided to give a little more space at the back seam line. Maybe I should give even more space. I will try it.

Of course issues with too much fabric at a crotch (especially at the front) still need to be taken care of.


By Red Point Tailor

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10 Responses to The test garments follow up

  1. ThreadTime says:

    Bieta, how did you find the fit on the B5813 muslin?? I was looking at that pattern this weekend and the shoulders look a little wide on the pattern. I’m trying to figure out how to make an FBA on this one, but ran out of time. I just love this pattern.

  2. sewdooley says:

    Love the Butterick jacket, I just bought that pattern last week.

  3. I made it!! says:

    Nice jacket! Beautiful soft colours. Thanks for the lesson with your pants muslin. I am looking forward to more!

  4. I’m glad you’re trying that jacket pattern! I made mine a little longer and liked the look. Hmm, I still need to blog about that one…

  5. black label says:

    I admire your fortitude in making all these muslins…I definitely do not have that kind of patience!

    • Usually I have not so much time – this time I just have no sewing machine and I am using this opprotunity to make muslins for the dresses I really would like to make.

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