Making test garments

I took with me for these two weeks at my mom’s a lot of patterns – much to much of course – to make muslins.

After the first week of doctors visits and other less interesting activities on Sunday I have made two muslins for the future dresses.

1. From the Silk Charmeuse I am planning to make the top of the dress as below draped on the dress form.

Dress Design RTP Couture muslin silk charmeuse

I have made the muslin only for the top part based on the Vogue V8787 pattern. Other options would be using the Vogue pattern V9771.

Vogue V8787 pattern.Vogue pattern V9771.

Let’s try the first option as I don’t have this Vogue pattern with me.

Naking muslin for classic dress silk charmeuse and wool

Naking muslin for classic dress silk charmeuse and wool

I see I have just enough fabric to make this top – wonderful! This is another advantage of making a muslin – you can check how much fabric you need.

2. The next project is a dress cut in waist and for top part I will use the Butterick pattern B5556. I love this vintage look. I still have to check my fabric stash and pick up suitable one for this dress.

the Butterick pattern B5556

Making muslin of a couture dress by Red Point Tailor

Making muslin of a couture dress by Red Point Tailor

3. The next project is another dress based on the Butterick pattern B5813 – tomorrow.

Butterick pattern B5813

By Red Point Tailor

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12 thoughts on “Making test garments

  1. ove those vintage patterns, you really have what it takes to pull that off. I can’t wait to see it on you.
    You really are making the best of the situation, it must work well to have a positive distraction.
    My prayers go out for your mom.

    1. Thanks! It was good idea – I could take care of her and still do something (not only my work). I am glad my mother feels better – it will still take some time.
      Thanks for all good words 🙂

  2. I totally want to sew with you on those last two vintage. Got to get some things off the table first!! And I’m working way too slow these days.

    Prayers to your mom.

    1. I love these 2 vintage patterns – please do it! I will be a little busy with my work coming weeks but I hope to pick up on this projects before summer. 🙂
      Your prayers are helping 🙂 Thanks a lot! She was today officially declared canser free – YES! Now she has to take time to get better. It will be difficult to leave her … I know I will visit her soon again, but still…

    2. I am so glad!! I know the recovery from the treatments can be a challenge in itself, so I’ll keep praying. So glad for the news.

      I’ll definitely put those patterns on my list. Maybe I can hit them at the right time. That would be fun.

  3. Ooo – I love Vogue 8787! I made a dress from this pattern last year and it get a lot of wear. I had to mess around a lot with the back to get it right. And I’m very interested to see what you’ve got planned for Butterick 5813! Good luck with your muslins!

    1. Thans!
      I have made already one dress from V8787 then I fixed the back of the dress and the front. I like it and I am wearing this dress a lot (in the summer). I am curious how this dress will fit with this new front. I love these 2 vintage Butterick patterns.

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