Vintage Vogue V1023 – checked!

I have finished the Vogue Jacket V1023 before I went to my mother and I was planning to wear it. However while putting in on Wednesday early morning I have noticed something was wrong. Well, I tuned the lining in one of the sleeves – a little. Oooops!

First thing I have done the next day being back home – I have fixed the sleeve and now I am ready for warmer weather.

Except making the sleeves 3 cm longer the rest of the pattern is unchanged.
I will take pictures wearing it but first short presentation on my dress form.

Vintage Vogue V1023 Red Point Tailor Couture

I fixed the cuffs with a button so they will stay in place.

Vintage Vogue V1023 Red Point Tailor Couture

Few inside details – pocket and cross stitch at the back pleat.
I have no idea why the pictures are black while the fashion fabric and lining are dark blue…

Vintage Vogue V1023 Red Point Tailor CoutureVintage Vogue V1023 Red Point Tailor Couture

I am wearing the jacket today and I like it. It fits great and is perfect for this almost spring weather.

By Red Point Tailor

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30 thoughts on “Vintage Vogue V1023 – checked!

  1. Wow, I can’t even believe you made this, it’s so fabulous! The little inside lining pocket and the buttons, all the details. So exact. Great job and beautiful coat!

  2. Your jacket is just exquisite inside and out. Love the inside pocket in the lining and little loop! I always wonder about jacket with neck chains…doesn’t this make a lump and rub on blouses? Nice touch with the button holding the cuff in place…your work is wonderful!

    1. Thanks! 🙂
      The inside pockets are very handy as the welt pockets are very small.
      Usually I use different chain – this one I am using for the first time. So far I had no issues.

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