Knitted project accomplished!

It was long ago I was knitting and I forgot how relaxing it is. There are the lot of you knitting fabulous garments. It is a great inspiration.

Just before the Christmas I have seen this pale pink yarn and as my mother wanted to have a cap I have bought it. It is the simplest pattern to make and I wanted such for start.

I hope it will fit my mother – I have to send it to her as there is a cold winter in Poland.

Knitted cap for my mother - knitted project by Red point TailorKnitted cap for my mother - knitted project by Red point Tailor

Maybe you remember – I have bought a piece of knitted fabric in the summer during my visit in Poland for a scarf for my mother. From the rest I have made a top for myself – which as expected I wear a lot!

Then my mother said she would like to have a cap from the rest of this fabric – unfortunately it was not enough to sew anything out of it.
So I rip (I am not so sure how you call it when you undo the knitted fabric) the pieces of the knitted fabric and from the yarns I have made another cap.

Knitted cap for my mother - knitted project by Red point Tailor

The whole day was dark and grey and only when I set up to take a pictures the sun showed up… I was not able to take pictures (shadows) but I enjoyed a little bit of sunshine instead.

This all knitting make me buying a magazine with simple knitting project. Maybe the next make will be this simple sweater?

Knitted sweater - next knitte project by Red Point Tailor

By Red Point Tailor

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6 thoughts on “Knitted project accomplished!

  1. I too love knitting because of its calming, almost meditative effect on me. That sweater pattern you are thinking about looks very nice. Good luck!

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