Coat Marfy 3177

I have finished the muslin for the coat based on Marfy 3177 pattern, which I have bought about moth ago and I pu it on … and I heard the stitches bursting at the back.

Hmmm…. it was definitely something wrong going on.

Coat Marfy 3177 muslin - couture by Red Point Tailor

I started to check the size and measurements – it should be ok, but still… it is something not good with this pattern.

Coat Marfy 3177 muslin - couture by Red Point Tailor

I took a Vogue pattern V8626 (OOP) of a coat to compare the pattern pieces.

The differenced in measurements were not so big. So this Marfy pattern is a mystery.
I will have to amend the front pattern so I would be able to move while wearing a seater of a jacket under it.

Coat Marfy 3177 muslin v Vogue8626 - couture by Red Point Tailor


BTW… it was funny to see the drawings on the Vogue envelope marking  changes I was planning to make in a style of it. The Marfy 3177 has part of them.
Probably I will merge both patterns in one and make a completely new one.

Or I will go for an alternative – Vogue V8933 or Butterck B5823.


Coat V8933 B5823 alternatives Marfy 3177 - couture by Red Point Tailor

Let’s sleep few nights over it.

By Red Point Tailor

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8 thoughts on “Coat Marfy 3177

  1. What a wonderful idea. I will admit that its been a decade + since I had to worry about a heavy coat, but I do remember going up a couple of sizes for sweaters etc. I do like the collar, I think it would lay nicely. I wonder if they just don’t build enough ease into the shoulders and back.
    I do personally extend the back/shoulders by about half an inch.

    1. Thanks! Usually patterns have more ease then needed but this one is realy close fitting 🙂 not so handy for a coat.
      Making one coat out of these 2 patterns will solve issue – I hope.

  2. Marfy. I’ve heard those can be difficult to work with. I’m still learning on Burda but I would love to try more of the European patterns.

    1. Marfy patterns are not si difficult – I always have to make adjustments to any pattern (any company). The only difference with Marfy patterns is that there is no description. Pute simple pattern pieces with the most important marks and information – no seam allowances.
      I like the Marfy style.
      You have to know

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