The French Jacket course review – part 2

After evaluating the Craftsy class The Iconic Tweed Jacket by Lorna Knight, it is now time for another course The Contemporary Couture Jacket by Angela Wolf on  Pattern Review.

“A well-made jacket can show off an outfit to its best. Join designer Angela Wolf as she shows you the fundamentals and fine points of creating a contemporary couture jacket (her version of the traditional Chanel jacket) in 2 hours and 45 minutes of HD video. Her method of sewing this jacket is just a little faster than the traditional one but doesn’t sacrifice its style! And this jacket features a quilted lining, but Angela shows you that you don’t need to spend 140 hours creating it.” (PR site)

The Contemporary Couture Jacket! Class Fee: On Sale! $29.00 (Regular: $69.00) (picture taken from PR site)

Generally the jacket construction method presented by Angela is similar to   Claire Shaeffer presented in her book Couture Sewing – The Couture Cardigan Jacket.

Angela is focusing on a technique of making such jacket using any jacket pattern. She is using fusible interfacing to stabilize the pattern pieces and prevent fraying – where and when possible. In some cases she is advising to lock the edges of the fashion fabric pieces.

Together with video-classes the downloadable class materials are available where not only the needed materials are mentioned but the step-by-step instruction as well.

Angela is a great teacher. She gives clear instructions, there are great close-ups, and you can come back to watch it over and over again.You may interact with other participants and ask questions to Angela.

So if you are planning to make a quilted (French) jacket – it is a great start.

I have asked myself again the question – did I learn something new? Honestly, no.
I have noticed that while making my French Jacket I was using the
book (and DVD) Couture Sewing – The Couture Cardigan Jacket by Claire Shaeffer as a reference the most.

Still I like to see how others approach projects, how they solve issues – how they teach.  It is difficult to say which method of making the French (quilted) jacket is better.
The most important is the end result and your satisfaction from achieving the goal.

By Red Point Tailor

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2 thoughts on “The French Jacket course review – part 2

  1. I’ve been wondering about this class. I’m a little anti-fusible. It’s okay around the collar and on the front panels, but I think it gives the rest of the jacket a weird feeling if you use it.

    1. I have done it once – and the last time.
      Of course fusing is only possible when there is no pattern on a fashion fabric – others it could be difficult to match the pattern. There are many fusible which are very thin so it would be possible to keep the fabric supple … it could work.
      I took this class more due to curiosity then hoping to learn. Still it was good experience 🙂

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