Between Christmas and a new year

The Christmas is over. It was fine to spend it with my family this year.

My sister prepared a lot of great dishes – it was the traditional Polish Christmas Eve. We had ‘Barszcz’ (Borscht – red beets soup) with ‘uszkami’ (a ravioli) filled with mushrooms collected by my niece, fish and ‘kluski z makiem’ (noodles with poppy seeds and raisins) – delicious, and more.

the traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishesthe traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishesthe traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishesthe traditional Polish Christmas Eve dishes

There was a Christmas tree of course and presents for everyone.

the traditional Polish Christmas Eve

We are now back home having few days off.

Before going back to Poland I will try to finish the French jacket for my mother. I took the muslin with me as I knew she lost weight on hospital meals. She is now size 10. I had to as well adjust the waistband in the trousers.

I will first adjust the patterns and start tracing the patterns on the fabric – again.

French Jacker based on Vogue 7975 for my motherDSC_0003

I gave my first self-made Tailor’s ham to my niece. I have just finished the new Tailor’s ham – standing. I need more sawdust for my next big one. It is still too soft.

Tailor's hams tailoring tools couture toolsTailor's hams tailoring tools couture tools

In the end I started working on the buttonholes in my French jacket. Yesterday I was looking for the silk threads I have bought for about an hour. It was just laying on a table … Anyway – all buttonholes are marked.

French Jacket working on button holes

I cannot believe it is almost the end of 2013. I see wonderful Top 5 (10) posts that are appearing in the blogosphere. It could be good idea to look back – I will try to write a post. Looking forward to see yours! Or maybe it is better to focuse on the future?

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4 thoughts on “Between Christmas and a new year

  1. Well kluski z makiem are traditional dish at my home too. For my husbands family the tradition is to have kutia. The only problem is that we don’t like any of those, so I’m thinking maybe double the number of pierogi next year 🙂 With mushrooms and sour cabbage… mhhmm. I’m definately not looking back – for me it is better to focuse on the future 🙂
    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

    1. I think I was having once kutia… I don’t remember. Generally when we are spending the Xmas at home in NL we do not play with all this dishes – it is just normal Dutch dinner.
      Good choice – now and the future 🙂

  2. What a wonderful holiday! The food looks yummy. That jacket looks great, you mom is so lucky.
    I love that red boucle for your jacket, that trim really looks fabulous.
    Merry Christmas to you!

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