PINTEREST! Get inspired!

Although social media can be quite time-consuming, they offer lots of inspiration as well! One of the great places with endless source of inspiration is Pinterest.

It is getting more and more popular. For me it is a place to collect ideas, inspirations – not only for my business (sewing and jewellery) but home and hobbies as well.
I store there as well my fabric and pattern stash so I can always know what I have in place.

Red Point Tailor on Pinterest

Recently I started to reorder the boards (I have 89 boards!) and items – and you know what – I still discover new things. And I am lost for hours – dreaming! I see how chaotic I was when I started to create boards almost 2 years ago. I have noticed I miss one board… hmmmm – I have pinned on it so many gorgeous vintage ideas for dresses.

I like recent changes on Pinterest, e.g.. warning that you already have a picture in your collection. The possibility to invite others to pit to your boards is great addition.
I miss possibility to add multiply items from my PC though. It would be such a great feature. Unless it is already there only I don’t know where to find it.

So if you are free between Christmas and New Year a few days, it’s lovely to watch pictures on the couch and dream of all the wonderful things you could do … go into the new year full of energy and awesome ideas!

My favourites at this moment are couture, vintage patterns from 1950’s, Art Deco jewellery, Vogue Vintage patterns, fashion accessories…. cats – ach – so many, too many.

By Red Point Tailor

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8 thoughts on “PINTEREST! Get inspired!

  1. becki chitwood

    Love, LOVE Pintrest! I have so many ideas, and its so fun to browse other ideas and tips.
    I have even started cataloging my pattern purchases there.

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