Taylor’s Ham project accomplished

Long ago I have bought a Tailor’s ham – small one, however I always wanted to have a bigger one – let’s say more professional. It is much better to use a curved mold when pressing curved areas of clothing, such as darts, sleeves, cuffs, collars, or waistlines. We all know that pressing on a curved form allows a garment better to fit body contours. And we all know that professional Tailor’s hams are quite expensive.

Thanks to fantastic bloggers community I came across few instructions and patterns to make own Tailor ham. Veanna from sosewlovely has great instruction and 2 patterns for Freestanding Tailor Ham Pattern and the Tailor Whale Pattern.

For my Tailor’s ham I used a pattern from the August/September 2012 issue of Vogue Patterns magazine, page 24.
I had enough wool and cotton fabric. I decided to make inner part form a thinner cotton fabric, and the outer part from cotton and wool.

 Tailor's ham couture attelier


The next time I will leave the opening on the side – more straight part – not at the curved upper side.

 Tailor's ham couture sawdust atelier supplies

I have bought the sawdust at the pet supply shop. I was breaking my head on this for a while and then my DH just came with this idea – if you don’t have rabbits or hamsters you don’t think about such simple solutions.

It is important to have a vacuum cleaner nearby when filling in the Tailor’s ham with the sawdust. And son’t sneeze!

 Tailor's ham couture supplies atelier

I pressed the sawdust firmly and closed the opening. After cleaning the rests of the sawdust I first attached the thicker cotton to the inner part. I pulled it tight around and sew by hand. Then I molded the woolen part and  sew by had as well.

 Tailor's ham couture supplies atelier

As the wool moulds easy it is unnecessary to make any darts – which would only disturb while pressing the curves.
I am very pleased with the final results. I will make the Freestanding Tailor’s Ham next.
Now I have to ask my DH to make a stand… it should not be difficult – he is a very handyman.

Actually this Tailor’s ham could be a great present. I think I will give this first exemplar to my niece. I have enough wool to make another one for myself.

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8 Responses to Taylor’s Ham project accomplished

  1. maryfunt says:

    Loved this one and great tip for wood hip source. I would have never thought of pet store. I’m planning on making a large ham for tailoring. I saw one on a European tailoring site but it was crazy expensive. Thanks and happy holidays.

    • I was looking for a Tailor’s ham for a long time as well. I have bought one in the UK webshop – small ome. Unfortunately nothing left over from my grandfather’s workshop – PITY.
      Have a nice New Year day and all the best in the New Year!

  2. Lizzie says:

    You did a great job. One of my all-time lucky thrift finds was a ham. The salesclerk didn’t even know what it was!

    • I was looking for such Tailor’s ham for a long time – I was so sorry nothing left over from my grandfather.
      I am sure a lot of people did not know the old good tailor’s equipments.

  3. ThreadTime says:

    Thanks for this post! I have plans to make a ham and wooden pressing tools. The sawdust was throwing me for a loop as well. I never thought of the pet store! Beautiful job on yours.

    • Great! The sawdust was keeping me away from this project for few weeks … I was searching for all kind of copmapies working with wood… and the solution is so easy 🙂
      Success with your project!

  4. Interesting… I’ve never thougth of adding a wool layer after sewing…. I’ve made the one I shared a FREE pattern for on my blog sewing together a cotton and a wool side…
    Hugs from Italy,
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.com

    • I think I have seen your tutorial as well. Well… by attaching the outer layers later separately you will achive better effect. You can better shape the ham – less wrinckles.
      Best wishes from the Netherlands 🙂
      Have a great Xmas days and all the best in the New Year!

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