It will be even more hand stitching

I just started adding the dark red lining inserts to the inside of my French jacket – this means even more hand stitching this week. 


While stitching I am watching the Craftsy classes. I have just finished the Adjust the Bust: The Complete Guide by Kathleen Cheethan. I recommend to watch her other class the Custom Fitting: Back, Neck and Shoulders  – incredibly useful and informative class – read more about it here.

In the  Adjust the Bust: The Complete Guide Kathleen first talk about taking your measurements and choose your pattern size correctly. It is very important to understand the differences between the commercial pattern and your own measurements. She is learning how to adjust the pattern to your measurements, how to true up the pattern and create the pattern master. Next important step is to mark the bust point and adjust bust darts and seams. Subsequently to these changes you will learn how to adjust hems, armholes and darts for busts, as well as slashing & pivoting. She shows how to re-draft the side seam and adjust the hem accordingly. The adjustments are done for patters with bust dart in side seam as well as on princess-seamed tops for full or smaller.

The class is arrange in a very logical manner. Kathleen is great teacher, she is shearing her knowledge in a very structure and clear way.
It is learning by doing. The class materials include a scale patterns you may cut and exercise while watching. And of course – the great advantage of Craftsy classes is – you can watch it over and over again.

As we are not perfect it is great to watch Craftsy classes where you are learning to deal with issues of real people. Another example of very useful class is the Plus-Size Pattern Fitting & Design by Barbara Deckert.

Based on the Vogue Patterns 8815 Misses Top she is presenting the design principles such as proportion, line, color, texture and fabric pattern and how they affect the finished look of your garment and how to use it to advantage of a plus-sieze person. She learn how to make a dress form – it looks like fun. Maybe I will make one for my husband. He will need to stand still for one hour though. I am not so sure if he will be so patient. At least not now when he has such big lower back issues.
When I look further in the topics I see that this class will cover topics to really learn about all aspects of preparing a pattern and making a garment for a plus-size person.

Plus-Size Pattern Fitting & Design

So, let’s go further with stitching.

By Red Point Tailor

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Patternmaking Basics: The Bodice Sloper


4 thoughts on “It will be even more hand stitching

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  3. The inside of your jacket will be very pretty! The hand-sewing is worth it; it really holds up and makes the jacket strong yet soft. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    1. Tahnks! I can’t wait!
      I don’t mind hand stitching – I like it and actually it realexs me 🙂 However my finger has a little hole – I don’s use thimble … probably I will have to give it a rest for a day 😉

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